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Posted by TheMojoPin at dialup- on April 11, 2002 at 22:59:53:

Alright, so I borrow my Dad's truck to go pick up some furniture for my new townhouse...I grab my dad's keyring, naturally assuming that in addition to all his car and work keys, he's have a housekey on the ring, right? So I get the furniture, come back, unload it into the garage, go to open the door, and finally realize the my father inexplicably has no key for the house. Baffled, I look all over the place for a spare key in all the spots where my parents used to hide them, but no dice. They haven't given any to family friends, my parents are out of town on a cruise, no family nearby, it's well after 10 PM, no access to a phone book to call locksmith, which in this area runs at least $200 during "normal" business hours, so I see myself having only one alternative: kicking the garage door in. So I think back over all the crappy police movies and shows I've seen, take a deep breath, get a running start, and plant my foot right to the right of and slightly below the doorknob, booting the damn lock right out, and cracking the frame from floor to ceiling. So I'm in, but the door frame is fucked. The door closes and basically locks, but the frame on the side of the lock is split right down the middle. Anyone have ANY idea what it would cost to repaid something like that? Something tells me $200-$300 doesn't seem so bad anymore...

Oh yeah...anyone wanna feel my manly man-type man-muscles?


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