I'm a penis, yes.

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Posted by TheMojoPin at dialup- on April 11, 2002 at 23:45:40:

In Reply to: your a dick. posted by PretzelFan on April 11, 2002 at 23:18:45:

I and my friends tried using a number of smaller keys, credit cards, and hairpin-type pieces of metal for a good hour trying to open the lock. No dice. And the one glassframe we have would then be be wide open to the outside...at least this door is inside the garage and can be secured from the outside...and leave WHAT in the garage? The furniture? I was leaving it there anyway...*I* needed to get in the house because until I actually move into my new townhouse, this is where I live!!!

: didnt you see any movies where they quietly pick the lock without damage to the doorframe or door? oh and im sure a glassframe would of been cheaper to replace... why did you need to get into the house again? why not leave it in the garage?

: oh yeah, manly man.

Hey, I'm not REALLY proud of what I did, it's just in something this unfortunaate, I was very suprised by the fact I was able to so "impressively" bash in a door with a decent lock with just one kick, seeing as I've never attempted such a thing before. But again, any idea how much this might cost? I fear the worst...

And quit trying to be nasty. You suck at being mean. You gotta feel it in your bones and let it flow forth from a deepseated well of pure black hatred...roar.


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