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Posted by zeta at a010-0389.rlgh.splitrock.net on September 16, 2001 at 18:28:12:

In Reply to: Kevin Smith Punched Me In The Face (Repost) posted by TangoMania on September 16, 2001 at 18:23:33:

: Feeling a little threatened Lynch? You're thinking that your Big Helium Dog flic is gonna blow as hard as you have been blown'
: Kevin's dick all these years? Maybe that MUPPET script can't stand on it's own, so you better start clipping everyone at the
: knees? bring them down a bit? so they don't grow taller than you? But hey, you'll have made a film, congrats! I've made two
: and haven't had to put anything in my mouth. Go fetch me a power bar you craft service cunt.

: And talk about being in an elevator with someone who won't shut up -http://www.viewaskew.com/interviews/lynch/index.html
: or how about this -http://www.viewaskew.com/interviews/lynch/lynch411.html

: Actually, is there any difference between my site and the pages above? I guess your interesting cause you have an agent. Cause
: you sold a script. You think your hot shit, your head explodes, you have a big mouth, and start burning bridges before you've
: even crossed any...yadda yadda what's new?

: Your response was disappointing, but not surprising. It's a shame you decided to attack and dismiss. It would seem from your
: interviews, the ones I forced myself to read through, and couldn't finish, you long winded wuss, that we share similiar influences
: and opinions. (sniff) (I start to weep) Why did you lynch me Lynch? Why? Oh my God, I guess I don't exist anymore.
: MUPPETS & SESEAME STREET ROCK! Snooch me you Boochie!

: Your wit astounds me. The angry, bashing, cynical filmmaker is truly an original persona. You're every fiber is so fresh and
: unexpected, I can't tell you how I've grown from your wise words.

: And I don't remember asking you to visit my site to watch PA WARS, which had nothing to do with my original posting. Why
: are you so obsessed with PA WARS? It's just a simple little spoof. I wanna hear what you have to say about the CHASING
: AMY & FRIDAY NIGHT BLUES ON MONDAY situation. Actually, it's Kevin I'm interested in hearing from, but I'm sure
: you have a very colorful rant to deliver. Blast away you clever guy you.

: The most interesting aspect of this exchange between us is why would someone, who wasn't asked, visit the site of a fellow
: filmmaker, and for no clear reason bash his head in? That speaks volumes. And, you keep throwing this originalty criticism
: around...obviously a personal issue.

: I'll give you this, very smart to admit you have been on your knees alot. Doesn't garnish much respect though does it?

: Get all our info before you go off on someone. Moron. If you wanna think all you're dealing with here is some kid who made a
: spoof, fine. I'm sure it makes you feel bigger to keep me real small in your head. You stand on faux foundation.

: So much to say, so much to prove.

: Hey, how about lunch? Obviously you have some things to get off you chest, I'll be your shoulder to cry on. And you buy big
: shot.

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