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Posted by TangoMania at on September 16, 2001 at 03:36:19:

I am hoping when the boards cum together more girls will post here. My favorite kind of girls are the ones that like funny
movies like clerks and little nicky. one dya i want to make a movie and then girls will like me that dont meet me on the internet

the thing thats cool about the internet is that i can meet a girl on here and get to know her with my personality before she knows
what i look like. then its not so superficial and when we meet its always cool

its hard to meet girls in real life that are smart and funny. most girls are just retards and all men think that. if they say they arent
they are lying like when they say they dont jack off to porn or pretend theyre fucking someones mom when theyre sticking their
dick in a vacuum.

anyhow this boards really need to combine so i can meet some new exciting woemn. if anyone here wants to chat or hang out
just give me a buzz and we cna find out if we have anything in common. this is the best place on the web by far to meet cool

alright this post has already taken an hour to write so im just gonna sit here and wait for replies now. i dont think ive ever
written this much before. oh well.


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