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Posted by TangoMania at on September 16, 2001 at 14:06:34:

In Reply to: Still trying to conduct bad social experiments? posted by John Walker on September 16, 2001 at 13:14:59:

: I hate to say this, but you COMPLETELY missed the mark here and on your website too, Scott.

Why do you hate to say it? You seem to take plenty of joy in it.

: That "experiment" of posting the same message for the lonely hearts woman you created that you used with the guy was a huge mistake. It's NOT sexist for a man to happily let a woman take the dominant role in a relationship, in fact it's a welcome break in tradition.

: Your advert would have been 100x more effective if you'd written:

: "I am a timid little woman who likes to be pushed around by big men. I don't mind what you do to me, I'll always let you come back. I am so desperate for a man that I don't mind if you sleep around or don't come back for days. PLEASE REPLY!!"

: and then duly noted all the sick fucks that reply with a serious response.

That wouldn't be an experiment. That would be shooting fish in a barrell. While I think what I did was funny, it wasn't INTENDED to be done like that. I was curious what would happen. So, it wouldn't have been more effective, it just would have gotten more replies from you.

: This latest attempt is another mishape. What are you trying to prove Scott? Some men have no social skills? Are you trying to make any woman that feels sorry for that chap look stupid? Trying to see if women respond to personality disorders and abuse? Doesn't seem to be working...

What's a mishape?

: Next time try and think through what you want to prove first... it'll be a hell of a lot funnier!

Thanks man. I am clearly the Salieri to your Amadeus.


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