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Posted by Babette DaBong at on September 15, 2001 at 05:31:48:

In Reply to: JASBSB DELETED ---- Hooker scene Transcript Repost posted by KarnorJax on September 15, 2001 at 05:22:34:

i gots to admit....the deleted hooker scene was pretty damn funny..
and soon as it comes out on dvd i swear right now that i'll but a copy!

: Ok I am in the UK and have seen the WORKPRINT copy of JASBSB ..

: Don't diss me for getting it.. I will still go and pay my at least 5 times to see the movie. but I have been waiting over a year and another 3 months till it comes out over here. I was seriously contemplating on comming to the US to see it. Hey I attended Vulgarthon last year so I am trueaskew. but I Turned to the dark side and when offered this from a friend I gave in. curse me if you want but another 3 damn months.. !!

: NO I WILL NOT DO ANYONE COPIES AND I DO NOT CONDONE PIRACY but this was given to me and I could not resist.

: From what I can tell all the music is different from what is used in the film as I have the soundtrack.

: Anywho this copy has the DELETED HOOKER SCENE in it so I have transcribed it here for all that want to read it.

: Oh yeah and damn did I love the movie.

: SPOILERS please scroll down .
: .
: .
: .
: .
: .
: .
: .
: .
: .
: .
: .
: .
: .

: Helicopter pan over Hollywood sign

: Jay an Bob Arrive in hollywood get out of Red Jeep Jay Kisses the hot babe drive of said jeep.. Jeep Drives away

: BOB : Gives Jay a displeasing look.

: JAY : (To Bob) What it's not like cheating Justice blew up.

: The two guys walk away into a pair of hookers both a pair of nasty looking hoes..

: HOOKER 1 : (to JAY) Hey little man you want some of this

: HOOKER 2 : (to BOB) How about you big boy

: HOOKER 1 : you got $50 we can get NAAASSSSTTTYYY !!!

: JAY : Oh yeah, how nasty ?

: HOOKER 2 : As nasty as you want to be Pappy...

: JAY : Well alright, first I want you to tongue my bung

: Bob nods

: JAY : While you Juggle my Balls in one hand

: Bob motions

: JAY : While Silent Bob watches and spanks in a Dixie cup, an you can pull my Nut sack up over my dick so it looks like a bullfrog

: Bob motions pulling up then makes cool bullfrog face !

: JAY : Then I want you to like my nuts while your friend spanks me into the same Dixie cup, then we throw the dixie cup out

: Jay and Bob motion

: Jay shrugs shoulder and then they both look at the hookers for an answer...

: Hookers look shocked and displeased

: HOOKER 1 : (throws hands in the air) Oh thats it honey I quit, this job just passed the point of no return

: Hooker 1 walks away

: JAY : Why you said nasty

: Jay and Bob look shocked

: JAY : Chicks in hollywood are so stuck up.

: Cut to Drug scene with Pumpkin Escobar

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