JASBSB DELETED ---- Hooker scene Transcript Repost

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Posted by KarnorJax at inktomi1-bri.server.ntl.com on September 15, 2001 at 05:22:34:

Ok I am in the UK and have seen the WORKPRINT copy of JASBSB ..

Don't diss me for getting it.. I will still go and pay my at least 5 times to see the movie. but I have been waiting over a year and another 3 months till it comes out over here. I was seriously contemplating on comming to the US to see it. Hey I attended Vulgarthon last year so I am trueaskew. but I Turned to the dark side and when offered this from a friend I gave in. curse me if you want but another 3 damn months.. !!

NO I WILL NOT DO ANYONE COPIES AND I DO NOT CONDONE PIRACY but this was given to me and I could not resist.

From what I can tell all the music is different from what is used in the film as I have the soundtrack.

Anywho this copy has the DELETED HOOKER SCENE in it so I have transcribed it here for all that want to read it.

Oh yeah and damn did I love the movie.

SPOILERS please scroll down .

Helicopter pan over Hollywood sign

Jay an Bob Arrive in hollywood get out of Red Jeep Jay Kisses the hot babe drive of said jeep.. Jeep Drives away

BOB : Gives Jay a displeasing look.

JAY : (To Bob) What it's not like cheating Justice blew up.

The two guys walk away into a pair of hookers both a pair of nasty looking hoes..

HOOKER 1 : (to JAY) Hey little man you want some of this

HOOKER 2 : (to BOB) How about you big boy

HOOKER 1 : you got $50 we can get NAAASSSSTTTYYY !!!

JAY : Oh yeah, how nasty ?

HOOKER 2 : As nasty as you want to be Pappy...

JAY : Well alright, first I want you to tongue my bung

Bob nods

JAY : While you Juggle my Balls in one hand

Bob motions

JAY : While Silent Bob watches and spanks in a Dixie cup, an you can pull my Nut sack up over my dick so it looks like a bullfrog

Bob motions pulling up then makes cool bullfrog face !

JAY : Then I want you to like my nuts while your friend spanks me into the same Dixie cup, then we throw the dixie cup out

Jay and Bob motion

Jay shrugs shoulder and then they both look at the hookers for an answer...

Hookers look shocked and displeased

HOOKER 1 : (throws hands in the air) Oh thats it honey I quit, this job just passed the point of no return

Hooker 1 walks away

JAY : Why you said nasty

Jay and Bob look shocked

JAY : Chicks in hollywood are so stuck up.

Cut to Drug scene with Pumpkin Escobar

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