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Posted by _Chronic_ at on August 28, 2001 at 02:59:29:

In Reply to: Re: KEV, YOUR VULGARITY CONFUSES ME posted by punkmonkey75 on August 28, 2001 at 02:29:36:

: : Alright, I just got through reading most of these posts, and since I
: haven't threw my two cents in, I'm feeling left out. So, here it goes.
: (This will probably sound very redundant after all the other replies, but
: no one is forcing you to read it)

: : PunkMonkey, did you meet God in person? Did he tell you with his
: own words (or perhaps by means of Mesotron if the movies are
: correct) that Christianity is the only way?

: -Yep, that's what the Bible sez!

: Hah! The very idea that there is only one way to heaven is absurd! Do
: you honestly believe that anyone who deos follow your religion is
: going to hell? What kind of benevolent celestial being denies an
: afterlife to people that haven't even had the chance to become a
: Christian?

: -The Bible says that ALL will be judged on what they did with their
: knowledgeo of God. It's inborn into us. It's not for us to know the
: exact details of how God is going to deal with each of us. God gave
: his Son's life to erase the sins of the world. To spit on and deny is
: sacrifice is the gravest of sins. Think about if you sacrificed your son
: so a death row inmate could gain freedom. Then that inmate ignored
: your sacrifice - didn't even say thank you - IN FACT, he went around
: denying that you had anything to do with his salvation, that he did it
: himself! And you wasted your son's life on him! How would that
: make you feel? God desires that NO ONE live in eternal damnation.
: That's why He provided a way out! All you have to do is believe and
: accept it. But, no. Your pride is to great. Well, God can't do any more
: for you without robbing you of your free will. He didn't make us robots,
: you know.

: No, those are not the words of God, but rather corrupted priests and
: scholars in the early 100 A.D.s that sought only to control with fear. It's
: a very simple equation, folks - Priests and scholars need money to
: fund the steady growth of thousands of christian churches. Of course,
: the donations from all the good Christians help, but it seems the
: drawing power of our savior isn't quite enough to bring in the big
: bucks. So we change a few words, add a new couple verses to the
: bible, and suddenly, people are flocking the mad to save themselves
: from... well, themselves. Suddenly, God is angry and vengeful, and
: Jesus wasn't here just to save us, but also to warn us about not
: being good christians and following his path.

: -Not a word of the original translation of the Bible has been changed
: or added to since the origin of the book. This is scholarly and
: historical FACT. To argue against it is...stupid. Of course it takes
: money to spread the gospel. Missionary journeys ain't free. Building
: utilities ain't free. The government takes so much of your money to
: fund useless things. God asks for so little.

: Now, Priests begin preaching that you can buy your way into heaven
: with donations to the church, and suddenly, all the easily
: manipulated people are flocking to their savior.

: -Anybody who preaches that preaches a lie. Jesus has nothing to do
: with that and condemns it in the Bible.

: I'm not a very religious person, in fact I honestly have no religion. I
: think there is a God, and an afterlife, but I don't believe in any one
: single deity, because it's that kind of blind faith that leads to wars and
: violence. How can you hold one thing to be true, well someone else
: holds the exact opposite to be true? It deosn't work deos it? Uh-oh,
: now we've got a problem with a seemingly very simple solution - kill
: everyone who deosn't believe.

: -Yes, that's just what Jesus said. Kill everybody else. Your ignorance
: is astounding!

: Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. And all in the name of
: our lord, Jesus Christ. Wonderful. I hope you're comfortable
: slaughtering people because of some work of FICTION written before
: you were even born. Asshole.

: -The Bible is historical FACT. It's proven through archaeology. Do
: some real research before you go spouting ignorance and lies. So
: what if it was written before I was born? The Declaration of
: Independence was written before YOU were born, so I guess you
: have no freedoms listed therein, huh? If these weak arguments are
: the best you can do, maybe you should just be quiet. Find out the
: Truth for yourself.

The bible is not in any way factual you fucking dote. Do you honestly think that with the thousands of interpretations and authors that have worked on the many different versions that any facts would not have been obscured by opinion by now? Shit, there is even a version of the Bible that claims Jesus was a very mean and nasty child, and any other kids that wouldn't play with him ended up dead! Don't start preaching to me you pompous little bitch. I've helped my sister through three different college courses in theology, so why don't you get your facts straight, hmm? The FACT is, that my arguments are quite valid and filled with quite a bit of reason, while yours are based on a belief-structure that's been formed FOR you by someone you don't even know. And don't even try to tell me that a single word in the Bible hasn't been changed, you naive little bastard. Maybe the book stayed they same but how do dull do have to be to believe that the translators, interpretors and anyone else working on it would not alter it in the very least. Now, to say that the Bible never preached violence has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Many versions include passages that depict God as very vengeful person who struck down those who opposed him. Look at you own fucking "Angel of Death" before you start spouting that bullshit.

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