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Posted by Lord Remo at on August 28, 2001 at 01:13:48:

In Reply to: Re: Dig that BUG out of your ass!!!! posted by Not a Dilettante on August 27, 2001 at 23:43:17:

: " It's just that Kevin acts like he's the fucking second
: coming, he's pretentious as all hell, and he isn't putting out to live up
: to his ego."

Your view of his character is quite off. The problem stems from the fact that is a favored property in the Hollywood circuit right now.... perhaps you aren't so fortunate. Throwing stones won't help you in this endeavor. As far as lving up to his ego goes... Ticket sales for all box office movies this week weren't stellar, but he was third highest. And this was with less tv advertising than the "Bubble Movie" had. His movie had more audience responses and positive feedback than any movie I can recall seeing in years. It practically recouped it's budget it's opening weekend.

: Schwalbach had no place in that gang"

Excuse me! I'll take as many beautiful women on the screen as I can get. The ONLY people who can tell him who not to put in HIS movies are the Studio Execs (when THEY think they need to) and "the money people" cause they invest. You can take your casting advise from whomever you decide ... unless you want his advise. Otherwise never insult a man's family... it's not an opinion to be proud of.

" will all be over for this movie after next weekend, it just
: doesn't have legs."

Your movie appears to be the one on "life support" right now. While the totals will start to dwindle, everyone remembers a damn funny movie, and this one knew it's target audience. It's a guaranteed smash for the rental/sales market. You could check out your website to see how many clamor for a sequel or merchandise but... oh, you don't have one. You see, one aspect you neglected in your "overview" of his previous works is the huge fan base, the devoted fans he can count on to enjoy patronage. That and, well... everyone likes a wit of a man of few words.

A SATISFIED customer.

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