Re: Dig that BUG out of your ass!!!!

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Posted by Not a Dilettante at on August 27, 2001 at 23:43:17:

In Reply to: Dig that BUG out of your ass!!!! posted by Im Somebodys Bitch on August 27, 2001 at 23:21:42:

: : Kevin, dude. I hope you realize that you used your last "Get out of
: : Free" card up with Bob & Harvey with your latest fiasco.

: : I was really wanting to like "Jay & Silent Bob", but not entirely
: : surprised when it turned out to be another self-indulgent piece o'
: : crap.

: : You've made a total of four films to date, J&SB not included, do you
: : really think this constitutes a body of work worthy of a retrospective?

: : To recap:

: : Clerks showed promise of great thinks to come.

: : Mallrats wasn't that great thing, but it was a good time.

: : Chasing Amy was your Mona Lisa, as long as you didn't mind the
: : that it was visually uninspired (variations on a two-shot) and
: : basically spoken in one voice.

: : Dogma was, well, pretty damn bad... and it gets worse with each
: : successive viewing.

: : Now this... a rehash of references to all of the above with some
: : topical humor (owe yeah, and how did you get so p-whipped that
: : put your modestly attractive wife in the same league with Eliza,
: : Shannon and Ali....if they were a spoof on Charlies Angels, what
: : she, one of Jerry's Angels? I understand, put up, or no put out, it's
: : rough.)

: : Kev, take some of your own best advice. be Holden fucking McNeil
: : and write something personal like Chasing Amy, but not as
: : or prosaic as Dogma.

: : Your current path is going to lead nowhere.

: : Oh, and if you and Mewes show up at my door looking to kick my
: : you don't stand a chance, lunchbox.

: WHO in the fucking hell do you think that you are?? I am not going to
jump some fucked up band wagon and say Kevin is GOD. But he is
a man that should get some type of respect. Just like any one else
should. To tool on his wife is very low. Your penis must be the
smallest thing you own. Maybe Kevin, Jason and a few of my friends
should show up at your door, I damn well know that some of us could
knock you on your ass. I mean its one thing to not like his movies.
But to insult his wife is just what makes you a real fucking asswipe.
Get over yourself. I damn well know that you don't have half of the
things in your life that he has, jealous much?

No, not much. It's just that Kevin acts like he's the fucking second
coming, he's pretentious as all hell, and he isn't putting out to live up
to his ego.

As far as his wife goes, if he decides he's going to throw his wife on
screen in a pack of girls who are all way younger and a hell of a lot
better looking, than he better get ready to stand the heat...Jennifer
Schwalbach had no place in that gang, she stood out like a sore
thumb. If Kevin is going to practice blatent nepotism, ala Aaron
Spelling, then he will just have to deal with the criticism. will all be over for this movie after next weekend, it just
doesn't have legs.

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