Could have been worse. Look at "Bubble Boy"

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Posted by VinnyM27 at on August 27, 2001 at 23:45:06:

I know that I'm a little bit upset J&SBSB didn't blow that Pie fucker out of the water (I must be one of the few people that really couldn't sit thru the first one), but consider this.

It was the highest opening new movie that was up against some pretty safe fair. Shockingly, people saw "Rush HOur 2" as if it were some kind of family fair. Yes, fun for AND yippie! I mean, there was all the fucking hype behind "Bubble Boy" as if it were going to be the 2nd coming and what came of it? Like 2 million. 11.1 million is damn good! I think word of mouth will get some asses in the seats. Also, I know a lot of people will set it again. Could this be the "Rocky Horror" of our time? Perhaps.

Well, Kevin, good luck for next weekemd where you can really show them.

BTW, to that asshole that made a joke about Aaliyahs' death on the board're an asshole! Don't fucking ruin this board by being a such a dipshit! I don't think degrading the passing of a young beloved entertainer is worth you mentioning that you say the fucking lame ass "Deadman on Campus" along with J&SBSB, you motherfucker! What the fuck is wrong with you? You need help!

Just watned to get that off my chest. Thank you.

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