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Posted by VinnyM27 at on August 28, 2001 at 09:43:18:

In Reply to: Re: Could have been worse. Look at posted by o9mmrocks on August 28, 2001 at 00:58:33:

Myabe thatwill help. There are actually 3 of the same people. Jason Biggs, Scott..something (the guy in the back of the van with the guitar) and Shannon Elizabeth. Can't hurt. I would really count on the movie getting a second wind.

: : I know that I'm a little bit upset J&SBSB didn't blow that Pie fucker out of the water (I must be one of the few people that really couldn't sit thru the first one), but consider this.

: the first one sucked. i doubt i'll ever see the 2nd one. maybe a rental or when they show it on hbo or starz or whatever the fuck...apparently theres nudity which appeals to the swallow person in me(aka the most prominent person in me)but i would not pay for it. same deal with the first i didnt think it looked that good and didnt really get a chance to see it in theaters but i have a friend in a video store that hooked me up with it, it was a disappointment big time...except of course the nudity that led to me taping it off starz...of course i havent watched it once since not even the nudity. maybe if word of mouth gets out that the piefucker along with 2 of his cast members are in J&SBSB then they will go see it.

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