Fresh out of nerves.

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Posted by VioLenT BoB at on August 27, 2001 at 20:12:23:

In Reply to: I seem to have struck a nerve here... posted by Rev. Jonny Fabulous on August 27, 2001 at 20:00:22:

Well then I'll ascribe your lack of a credit card either to age, or some ignorance on my part on the finances of Europe. See, EVERY SINGLE DAY, i get at least one piece of mail for a credit card that I've been pre-approved for. IF such offers don't exist in Britain, Or Wales, Or Ireland, or wherever you live in said area outside of USA, I didn't know.

But step out of your own situation and look at it. Would it not be ridiculous to ask say, PEPSI to honor a promotion they did of their own free will because the Expiration Date was 5/8/01 and Europe puts the Date First so you thought you had until the fifth of August and not the 8th of March?

I'm sure you'd think that was pretty stupid.

All I'm saying is everyone believes in equality, but somethings are getting way way out of hand.

IF Kevin does offer the world community the same poster offer, hey that's cool. But to ask for it four months in advance, or even ask if it's being offered seems kind of dense.

My opinion, wait until it comes out in your neck of the continent, send your stubs across the pond. I'd be willing to bet you get your poster, whether or not the promotion is still running. Cuz he's that kind of guy.

And again my post was more or less, in my mind, directed towards the board at large, yours was a unique question in the heap, but still heaped on a billion sob stories ranging from childbirth, to being 13, to being stationed on Mir.

It was just gettting damn tiring.

As for warning me about offensive comments? Fuck you, limey.
End of story.

: And while I recognise the fact that you are a long time poster (no pun intended) here, I'm gonna tell you to watch the insulting comments.

: John.

The poster thing is actually funny, and they say that punning is the lowest form of humor, what do they know eh? But as for telling me to watch the insulting comments? Fuck you, limey.

Honestly, you can't even get a credit card, so I'm sure a passport is out of the would you back up your warning?

Fuck ya, let it go, let it flow.


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