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Posted by Glen at on August 27, 2001 at 20:42:21:

In Reply to: Seeing as we are going down this route... posted by Rev. Jonny Fabulous on August 27, 2001 at 20:38:18:

: A question for you sir. What is the difference between a demand and an enquiry? I was merely enquiring whether or not the offer was valid for me, not demanding a poster from Kevin. There is a big differance. This point was stated in my previous post, but in your haste/ignorance you seem to have ignored it.

: As for calling me limey? Twice. With the exact same wording. I couldn't care less. Don't get me wrong, I know you weren't getting personal, it's just that it doesn't make sense. A Limey is traditionally a term used for a British person. And I am Irish.

: However, my judgemental friend, you have seemingly fallen into the 'Dumb American' stereotype.

: : But step out of your own situation and look at it. Would it not be ridiculous to ask say, PEPSI to honor a promotion they did of their own free will because the Expiration Date was 5/8/01 and Europe puts the Date First so you thought you had until the fifth of August and not the 8th of March.

: March is actually the 3rd Month in the year, not fifth. But enough of this nitpicking. Not that I feel the need to defend my question to you, I will reiterate my point - I was asking whether or not said offer was valid.

: End of story.

: Oh yeah, give the counrty back to the Native Americans (read: Indians), dumb American.

: -John.

: Oh and Fuck You Too.

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