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Posted by Marcus Brodie at fmmafco.com on August 24, 2001 at 08:33:08:

anyone else read Ebert's review of J&SBSB. He totally fouled up which character was which. He talks about Affleck being in the movie but not reincarnating his role as Holden, well who the fuck educated Jay and Bob about the internet. It sure as shit wasn't "Ben Affleck". Then he says some shit about J and SB meeting Banky Edwards in a comic store where he proceeds to inform them of the movie being made about J and SB. How could they meet Banky there, and then have him be so dumbfounded when he finally runs into them on the set of Bluntman and Chronic. You would think a critic of his caliber would at least pay attention to detial. He obviously didn't watch the movie for God's sakes. That would be like me doing a crit on magnolia, just never saw the damn thing, not gonna act like i did. So what does everyone else think of Mr. Ebert's review?

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