My so-so JASBSB Review....**SPOILERS**

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Posted by SWEcstatic at on August 25, 2001 at 10:55:22:

Note: Bashing someone's opinion is not only stupid, it makes the basher look stupid, and otherwise, a moron.

Ok, I'm sure most of us have seen the movie already. Now there are few on this board to post a "negative" review. Well, though it's not negative...

I thought JASBSB was a mediocre movie (sorry Kevin...i'm a hardcore fan...i got HOOKED on ur flicks with Mallrats! so it's not like my "sense of humor" is lacking, i just don't see this movie as most people i guess). Mind you, it did have it's was a "reunion" movie that did very little reuniting. That though the movie picked up in the end (and died at the very end...), the begining was kinda slow.

I know the movie was made with the "HARDCORE" fan in mind...but i know Kevin wants other people to see this movie besides his fans (we all know he wants to make more than the $30 mil Dogma pulled in...), but this movie just won't cut it. I know in the theatre i went to...i brought 2 non-VA fans, and the guys who were sitting in front of me had one non-VA fan. Well, i know that all 3 of those guys were totally confused, and ended up saying the movie was dumb. Now i know all u people are gonna say "well, it was made for the hardcore fan"....but even KS himself says he wants other people to see it. So KEVIN, if u want others to see your movie, why didn't u make it so other could enjoy it? All the cameos were a bit too confused and jumbled.

All in all...(since everyone else has done it) is my take on the how ALL VA productions (that i have seen) pan out:

Clerks TAS
A better place
Chasing Amy
Drawing Flies

If there's one thing I can say about JASBSB that i thought was complete would have to be the Good Will Hunting 2 scene. That scene got the biggest laughs in the theatre i was in, and i almost pissed myself laughing.

Well, that's enough of this guy sharing his opinion....feel free to bash it, cuz ya know ya want to...i wanna hear what some of u think on this opinion.

"But I'm a fuckin' demon?!"

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