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Posted by bonehag at on August 23, 2001 at 20:46:36:

In Reply to: a poem (any one who makes fun of it can fuck off) posted by Strawberry Solo on August 23, 2001 at 19:33:28:

Thats emornously good one, accurately comments..Kevin will likes it when He read it of your.-bonehag

: An Ode to Kevin Smith

: A Kevin Smith movie will make you laugh till you cry
: There will be dick and fart jokes and someone will die

: He was a real hit at Canns with his debut Clerks
: He likes to wear Converse and zip up sweatshirts

: Kevin loves Jaws John Hughes and Batman
: But over all he’s a George Lucas fan

: He thought that Mallrats would be a huge hit
: But was sadly disappointed when critics called it shit

: He writes about closet homosexuals who do their best to hide
: And lovely lesbians who have nothing but pride

: Kevin hangs with the Jasons Mewes and Lee
: He wrote and directed Chasing Amy

: He has a baby named Harley and a wife named Jen
: Scott Moiser is his real close friend

: There where many good scenes in Dogma but some came to a halt
: But the ones that where cut were all Ben Afflecks fault

: His movies talk about Cousin Walt and why Julie Dawyer’s dead
: And in the original end of Clerks Dante gets shot in the head

: Kevin made a cartoon of his hit movie Clerks
: But after two shows it was canceled because ABC is full of cockjerks

: Kevin’s latest movie is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
: But if it does bad in the theaters it’s all cause of Afflack

: Many people see Kevin Smith as just some slob
: But I hold him in my heart simply as Silent Bob


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