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Posted by Strawberry Solo at pool- on August 23, 2001 at 19:33:28:

An Ode to Kevin Smith

A Kevin Smith movie will make you laugh till you cry
There will be dick and fart jokes and someone will die

He was a real hit at Canns with his debut Clerks
He likes to wear Converse and zip up sweatshirts

Kevin loves Jaws John Hughes and Batman
But over all he’s a George Lucas fan

He thought that Mallrats would be a huge hit
But was sadly disappointed when critics called it shit

He writes about closet homosexuals who do their best to hide
And lovely lesbians who have nothing but pride

Kevin hangs with the Jasons Mewes and Lee
He wrote and directed Chasing Amy

He has a baby named Harley and a wife named Jen
Scott Moiser is his real close friend

There where many good scenes in Dogma but some came to a halt
But the ones that where cut were all Ben Afflecks fault

His movies talk about Cousin Walt and why Julie Dawyer’s dead
And in the original end of Clerks Dante gets shot in the head

Kevin made a cartoon of his hit movie Clerks
But after two shows it was canceled because ABC is full of cockjerks

Kevin’s latest movie is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
But if it does bad in the theaters it’s all cause of Afflack

Many people see Kevin Smith as just some slob
But I hold him in my heart simply as Silent Bob

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