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Posted by Flamingcabbit at user-uini6p4.dsl.mindspring.com on August 25, 2001 at 03:12:21:


I just watched JASBSB, and I'm assuming it fits in with the rest of the movies. The only thing with this movie is it breaks the 4th wall quite often, almost as if saying some of the others were only fiction in their world.

Clerks: Everything starts with Clerks. Everything begins and ends with Clerks. All things are connected to Clerks.

Clerks Animated Series: Some events could have happened, including Quick Stop existing since the 70's, but the show kind of admits it doesn't take place in the real world after a point.

Mallrats: "Mentioned" as a movie at end. Still exists due to Brody and others existing in JASBSB and Chasing Amy. Mallrats could have existed as a similar but different movie than the one we've seen.

Chasing Amy: Quinn admits never having a movie made of her life. Ties in with Mallrats.

Dogma: This is the puzzler. Did Dogma exist or not? All of the stars who appeared in Dogma are instead working in the film industry, with no ties to their religious pasts: Daymon and Affleck are both actors who remember Dogma the movie, rather than actually being the angels who died. Chris Rock existed at least around Sesame Street's inception rather than appearing as the 13th apostle. Even George Carlin appears as a Hitchhiker rather than the reverend, though this could be a fall from grace from the character, it seems unlikely. The only puzzler is the Buddy Jesus on the nun's dash. How was the Buddy Jesus created without the reverend or Dogma existing? Or was it a cheap movie souvenir she picked up somewhere? Either way, is Dogma negated completely? Did it never happen? Did it never exist? (Personally I like the idea of a near Apocalypse taking place in Jay & SB's universe).

Can anyone answer this?


You FUCKING MORON! It's a FUCKING GODDAMN MOVIE! You're not supposed to take it seriously you stupid FUCK! Who the Hell analyzes this crap? "Oh it didn't happen but it really did but" who the FUCK cares? Jesus H Christ. It's people like you that dress up in Wookiee outfits and go yank off to doctored pics of Carrie Fisher. Good God. Who the fuck cares? I mean really, get the fuck out of your parents basement and get a fucking job you pimply faced dumbfuck. Christ.

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