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Posted by Vincent at on May 04, 2001 at 14:30:57:

In Reply to: Excorcist vs. Dogma posted by tvs frank & brodie s&m shop on May 03, 2001 at 23:30:32:

THE EXORCIST was made with the co-operation of the Catholic Church, and William Peter Blatty wrote it after doing research into real cases of possession. If you watch THE EXORCIST, it neither bashes nor defames the Church- rather, the girl is saved from the demon via a Catholic ritual. All the anti-Christian behavior is the result of a demon who is cast out of the girl at the end thanks to the self-sacrifice of the Priests performing the exorcism.

This isn't to say DOGMA was defamatory, but Kevin clearly didn't enlist the help of Priests whil writing it.

Regardless, the Catholic CHURCH never protested DOGMA- a couple of self-proclaimed Catholic watchdog groups with no affiliation with the Church itself did. I find it interesting that after appearing in DOGMA, Alanis Morresette met the Pope. Apparently, he didn't bear any grudges about her playing God in a movie. Only Bill Donahue has a problem with it, and I guess he knows more about what's good for the Catholic Church than the Pope.


: Linda Blair raping herself with the cross is ok, but put Alanis in as God, or Chris Rock as a black man... err... apostle, LET'S BOYCOTT IT!!! And the recent disruption of the dogma documentary makes me wonder, "Does the mouse masturbate with the cross too?" anyway, i guess what im trying to say, is they shouldn't have killed off chronic.. err.. the documentary.
: Erik

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