Damn, that was uplifting, serious...

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Posted by Ezziebaby at on March 31, 2001 at 00:47:25:

In Reply to: Re: Jason Lee... in the future... posted by Jason Lee on March 30, 2001 at 23:42:21:

One has no idea how inspiring that was...


: First, I must commend you on asking such intelligent questions.
: Questions like those below make me want to answer, REALLY
: answer. To start, Scientology tells you to do nothing. To each his own.
: It should be stated that Scientology is very personal, and means
: something different to each person. That's what's cool about it.
: Secondly, I AM independant, which essentially means I do things a bit
: differently than your typical young actor living in Hollywood, etc....etc.....
: so I will remain who I am and who I have ALWAYS been, and that is a
: person who LOVES acting and does it for the pure enjoyment of it.
: The last thing I want to be is the 'it guy', that is why I do very minimal
: press. Sure, press is a part of the 'movie making process', but, to me,
: it's just classless to abuse such a position. For me, the work comes
: first, and if I become the 'it guy', it'll be because of the work, not the
: media exposure. AND, if this does happen, it'll be due to what others
: consider me to be. As long as I stay true to myself and never forget
: how I got here, which I plan on never doing, I will be happy, and
: happiness is really all we have, right? That goes beyond acting or
: anything thing else, right?

: BRODIE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: Jason.

: Jason. All of the reviews I've been reading online have said,
: essentially 'Watch out for that Jason Lee! He's going to be the next
: Hugh Jackman.' Basically rave reviews, recalling your movies from
: Mallrats through Heartbreakers so... is it true? Is your phone ringing
: off the hook? Are you the new 'it' guy? I'm sure everyone here
: wouldn't mind seeing your 'million dollar smile' more often on the big
: screen. (See? I can kiss ass with the best of 'em.) Do you have a
: career plan like Scientology tells you to? John Travolta did. I'd steer
: clear of his route. Are you going to be independant, or do you have
: hopes for huge mainstream success?

: : Oh, yeah. There's also been a debate about who's cooler. You or
: Bruce Campbell. Personally, I can't choose. It's like apples and
: oranges. Apples with a boom-stick and oranges who read comic
: books. Any thoughts?

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