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Posted by Jason Lee at on March 30, 2001 at 23:42:21:

In Reply to: Jason Lee... in the future... posted by The Immortal Grimace on March 30, 2001 at 19:52:42:

First, I must commend you on asking such intelligent questions.
Questions like those below make me want to answer, REALLY
answer. To start, Scientology tells you to do nothing. To each his own.
It should be stated that Scientology is very personal, and means
something different to each person. That's what's cool about it.
Secondly, I AM independant, which essentially means I do things a bit
differently than your typical young actor living in Hollywood, etc....etc.....
so I will remain who I am and who I have ALWAYS been, and that is a
person who LOVES acting and does it for the pure enjoyment of it.
The last thing I want to be is the 'it guy', that is why I do very minimal
press. Sure, press is a part of the 'movie making process', but, to me,
it's just classless to abuse such a position. For me, the work comes
first, and if I become the 'it guy', it'll be because of the work, not the
media exposure. AND, if this does happen, it'll be due to what others
consider me to be. As long as I stay true to myself and never forget
how I got here, which I plan on never doing, I will be happy, and
happiness is really all we have, right? That goes beyond acting or
anything thing else, right?

BRODIE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jason. All of the reviews I've been reading online have said,
essentially 'Watch out for that Jason Lee! He's going to be the next
Hugh Jackman.' Basically rave reviews, recalling your movies from
Mallrats through Heartbreakers so... is it true? Is your phone ringing
off the hook? Are you the new 'it' guy? I'm sure everyone here
wouldn't mind seeing your 'million dollar smile' more often on the big
screen. (See? I can kiss ass with the best of 'em.) Do you have a
career plan like Scientology tells you to? John Travolta did. I'd steer
clear of his route. Are you going to be independant, or do you have
hopes for huge mainstream success?

: Oh, yeah. There's also been a debate about who's cooler. You or
Bruce Campbell. Personally, I can't choose. It's like apples and
oranges. Apples with a boom-stick and oranges who read comic
books. Any thoughts?

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