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Posted by carlo marx at on March 31, 2001 at 18:24:50:

In Reply to: "Do It And I'll Fucking SPANK You!!"-Loki READ ME posted by VioLenT BoB on March 31, 2001 at 14:31:31:

: NO, sadly enough you're not the ONLY ONE. There are always ONLY ONES around here. The only ONES cool enough to tell someone EXACTLY what they think and PROVE that they don't have an OUNCE of FANBOY about them. Except that when they say EXACTLY what they're thinking they're MAKING MOST OF IT UP to be offensive,

you need a pill of some sort. relax.
& what's being made up?

: You are NOT James Dean.

good thing because worms have eaten his eyeballs.

:So you're rebellion will require a cause, I'm afraid.

what rebellion are you referring to?

:Run back to your parents and have them sign this permission slip before you start a long line of mindless monkey tirades on these hallowed halls.

ok, now i'm starting a tirade. i see. & you've come to this conclusion, how? a tirade implies anger & contempt. i've been fairly civil thus far.
you're creating a scenario that doesn't exist in an effort to justify your own misplaced logic.

: :but scientology, if what i've read about it can be believed,

: There's the wrong key to your argument. You preface your ignorance with a disclaimer that says if I offend you with libelous lies it isn't my fault because i'm only misquoting something i read once on a conspiracy web theorists reliable & newsworthy page, and I'm sorry my personal attack on you and your wife stung, but hey, I'm one of those cool guys who says EXACTLY what he thinks to a CELEBRITY & REFUSES TO APOLOGIZE.

well, let me just say this: if jason lee was offended by my remarks, so be it. i made it clear that i took the risk of offending anyway. but my remarks were very fair & unbiased in my opinion.

: is a very dangerous, manipulative organization. people have died while undergoing this org's rituals. mental abuse is commonplace. you are required to sign billion year contracts (to insure that you & any future "life" you may have belongs to the church indefinitely). it's whacky. it's scary. why *shouldn't* anyone ask: "what the fuck is going on in that place??"

: 3 Answers to that one question, "Why shouldn't anyone ask: what the fuck is going on in that place??"

: ANSWER 1: One should realize that when reading about religious groups and associations one should not qualify the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS as a reliable source, nor should any website that has humor disclaimers.

i was referring to documents that contained personal testimony not found on humor sites or the weekly world news. you're also implying that *all* anti-scientology literature is bogus. how do you know that it is? at least i was fair enough in saying that the reports of abuse are alleged.

: ANSWER 2: If you are not of this religion, nor know or have spoken to anyone within this church or practicing this religion, perhaps it is none of you business.

perhaps you're wrong. *if* abuses are occuring in a particular religion - be it scientology, catholicism, whatever - than i have every right to question & criticize. why *wouldn't* i have that right?

:Personally I think Agnostics are the pathetic fence sitters of the religious world. Be an Athiest if you don't believe, or join or start your own religion, but don't fly yourself under the flag of "I'll believe in God when he proves something to ME."

you write shitty fiction. i never once stated that i was waiting for a sign from god. even if i saw a sign, how would i know it was divine? i don't believe.

:because quite frankly that's one of the most egotistical statements you can make, even moreso than thinking anyone owes you ,an avowed non-believer, an explanation about the choices he made in his life.

what the fuck are you talking about? please provide the text where i asked jason lee for an explanation about his personal choices.

:I gotta feeling when this whole thing comes down, YOU and all your PEOPLE WHO ARE COOL ENOUGH TO SAY WHAT THEY'RE EXACTLY THINKING AND REFUSING TO APOLOGIZE TO IT FRIENDS are gonna be squatting outside the gates, waiting for a miracle and it ain't gonna happen.

it's not a matter of *refusing* to believe, einstein. faith is just that -
a trust or confidence that something is true. it is a feeling. the truth of the matter is i *can't* believe. you don't just become spontaneously happy (a feeling) or angry (another feeling). you have to be inspired to become happy or angry. much like you have to be inspired to believe. get it?

: *keep in mind there's nothing wrong with saying exactly what you're thinking and refusing to apologize for it. AS LONG AS YOU BEHAVE THAT WAY WITH EVERYONE. From Jason Lee to VioLenT BoB to the Traffic Cop and the little crippled Boy in the wheelchair. If you treat anyone of those people differently in any situation, I'm afraid that you give a little bit more of a fuck than you avow your self to 'just don't.'

whatever that meant.

: ANSWER THREE: Try reading a fucking book.

dianetics? i'll pass.

:I'm sure there are enough by old L-ron. And if there aren't, then just trying searching: scientology in the non-fiction section of your local library. Educate yourself, before you ask stupid and inappropriate questions.

you sure are offended, aren't you? good. my intention wasn't to directly offend anyone initially, but now that i see you are, i'm pleased.

: ANSWER THREE-A: This WEBBOARD is not the place for this. Find a SCIENTOLOGY webboard to get your questions answered. Scientology plays no and i'm sure wants no part in a barrage of Dick and Fart Jokes.

ok. well, um, great example you've just set.

: ANSWER THREE-B: If you cannot fulfill answer three or three-a, you may want to consider L E A R N I N G T O R E A D B E F O R E H A V I N G Y O U R S I S T E R T Y P E F O R Y O U .

for the record, it's my brother who types for me.

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