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Posted by VioLenT BoB at hh-ce1.net.monmouth.edu on March 31, 2001 at 19:36:16:

In Reply to: Re: "Do It And I'll Fucking SPANK You!!"-Loki READ ME posted by VioLenT BoB on March 31, 2001 at 19:32:13:

: : : NO, sadly enough you're not the ONLY ONE. There are always ONLY ONES around here. The only ONES cool enough to tell someone EXACTLY what they think and PROVE that they don't have an OUNCE of FANBOY about them. Except that when they say EXACTLY what they're thinking they're MAKING MOST OF IT UP to be offensive,

: : you need a pill of some sort. relax.
: : & what's being made up?

: Not made up. 'Fronting' would be the term, in the DMXexicon (just a pun for ebonic lexicon).

: : : You are NOT James Dean.

: : good thing because worms have eaten his eyeballs.

: : :So you're rebellion will require a cause, I'm afraid.

: : what rebellion are you referring to?

: Basically, you knew this wasn't the forum for this. You did it anyway. IF you need a defined example of your rebelling, let's just say it was against the very rules you should have read to even register here.

: : :Run back to your parents and have them sign this permission slip before you start a long line of mindless monkey tirades on these hallowed halls.

: : ok, now i'm starting a tirade. i see. & you've come to this conclusion, how? a tirade implies anger & contempt. i've been fairly civil thus far.
: : you're creating a scenario that doesn't exist in an effort to justify your own misplaced logic.

: Actually, as you can see from the board this logic is not misplaced. And since I've been here 4 years, i can usually gather what is or is not going to open a can of worms. This LEE as a SCIENTOLOGIST can has been opened about three times, and no matter how good the intentions are, it always ends up with someone getting hurt. Usually the people that deign to come here and answer inane questions.

: Whether you were looking for attention or not, you got it, and I'm sure you feel great about yourself. Cuz you're the standup guy that says whatever he wants, no matter if its his business or not and no matter who he may hurt, cuz this cool guy makes no apologies. You're like the Fonzi of the web congratulations.

: :
: : : :but scientology, if what i've read about it can be believed,

: : : There's the wrong key to your argument. You preface your ignorance with a disclaimer that says if I offend you with libelous lies it isn't my fault because i'm only misquoting something i read once on a conspiracy web theorists reliable & newsworthy page, and I'm sorry my personal attack on you and your wife stung, but hey, I'm one of those cool guys who says EXACTLY what he thinks to a CELEBRITY & REFUSES TO APOLOGIZE.

: : well, let me just say this: if jason lee was offended by my remarks, so be it. i made it clear that i took the risk of offending anyway. but my remarks were very fair & unbiased in my opinion.

: NO NOT SO BE IT. That's what you don't get. This board is a privelege and not a right. That's the difference. And people like you can fuck it up for the rest of the people who do care. Instead of using disclaimant language so as to have loopholes in lieu of apologizing, just use your better judgement, or if you're lacking in that, keep you mouth shut.

: Ever seen those posters about lessons learned in Kindergarten? They're pretty much true...>Were you home schooled by any chance?

: : i was referring to documents that contained personal testimony not found on humor sites or the weekly world news. you're also implying that *all* anti-scientology literature is bogus. how do you know that it is? at least i was fair enough in saying that the reports of abuse are alleged.

: Well, if you're planning on going to college, or doing anything in life that requires arguments. If you want to be informed or win said arguments. One should not only be prepared to argue both sides, but have information to cite. Specific columns about said abuses and dangerous conditions. The fact that you read it is not enough to make it a stipulated fact. Is ALL anti-scientology literature bogus? WHO KNOWS. Not me. Not you. Investigate it if it is plaguing you nights. But do it where it belongs. Don't upset this boards microcosm for your own agenda.

: : : ANSWER 2: If you are not of this religion, nor know or have spoken to anyone within this church or practicing this religion, perhaps it is none of you business.

: : perhaps you're wrong. *if* abuses are occuring in a particular religion - be it scientology, catholicism, whatever - than i have every right to question & criticize. why *wouldn't* i have that right?

: Question and Criticize any way you want, in the appropriate arenas. Hell, write the church of scientology and see if they'll answer any of your questions. IF you want answers start at the source. You can't find them there go to the library. Look up some articles. Get informed. Don't Pass on DIANETICS, read it if you're so damned interested. I haven't, because I don't care about scientology. I'm not a scientologist. But I respect Lee's right to privacy. The same right that you have. And I doubt you would want it invaded. You have the right to free speech, I can't make any claims that you don't.

: But on the WWWBOARD speech isn't free. The bandwidth and server space are paid for by a person that expects a good amount of decorum and etiquette. It very rarely happens like that, but when it doesn't, then I'm spurred to defend it.

: It just so happened you really pissed me off. I had just spent the day with Lee on the film set. He's a really good guy, and when he wasn't working we stood around, drinking bottled water, talking Quake 3, and Stileproject. and a bunch of other shit, and you know not once did his religion come up. He doesn't inject it into conversations, and respectfully neither should anyone else. The same amendment that covers your freedom of speech, also covers the right to practice whatever religion you want.

: : :Personally I think Agnostics are the pathetic fence sitters of the religious world. Be an Athiest if you don't believe, or join or start your own religion, but don't fly yourself under the flag of "I'll believe in God when he proves something to ME."

: : you write shitty fiction. i never once stated that i was waiting for a sign from god. even if i saw a sign, how would i know it was divine? i don't believe.

: Not fiction: http://www.dictionary.com/cgi-bin/dict.pl?term=agnostic

: : :because quite frankly that's one of the most egotistical statements you can make, even moreso than thinking anyone owes you ,an avowed non-believer, an explanation about the choices he made in his life.

: : what the fuck are you talking about? please provide the text where i asked jason lee for an explanation about his personal choices.

: Whether you put this for Lee in deed or in spirit is inconsequential. It didn't appear here until Lee's Scientology was put on the board. Then within hours, your post is here. It's not a coincidence, so don't fucking pretend it is.

: Obviously if it weren't intended for Lee, it wouldn't have been on THIS webboard. if you were just cruising around the web surfing and wondering about scientology. You probably would have wound up elsewhere.

: : :I'm sure there are enough by old L-ron. And if there aren't, then just trying searching: scientology in the non-fiction section of your local library. Educate yourself, before you ask stupid and inappropriate questions.

: : you sure are offended, aren't you? good. my intention wasn't to directly offend anyone initially, but now that i see you are, i'm pleased.

: I'm glad you're fucking pleased. You got all the attention that your parents never gave you growing up, congratulations. And yeah, I do get offended when people make hurtful statements towards men i respect, have met, laughed with, and ate with. Lee and I aren't best friends, but it pisses me off when people go out of their way to be nice and accomodating and fucking get shit on.

: VB

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