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Posted by carlo marx at on March 31, 2001 at 17:05:20:

In Reply to: The point is Jason isn't Scientology Spokesman... posted by Isis on March 31, 2001 at 14:32:47:

: Here's the thing; you're perfectly entitled to question any religion and do any research on it that you want, drawing your own conclusions as you please, but in NO WAY does that mean that Jason should have to explain Scientology or justify his participation in the religion. Take your questions to L. Ron, directly.

he's dead. i doubt he'll be able to answer my questions.

: If some Catholic nut killed his wife and kids tomorrow and claimed God told him to do it, would it be good form to come on here and demand Kevin justify his membership in this "dangerous" religion?

who's demanding? i just asked, in general, "what the fuck is going on inside that place?" that wasn't a question to jason. i was asking a question that i wasn't really expecting an answer to. you're definitely taking it out of context.

:No boys and girls, it really wouldn't.

you're right of course.

: Let's not forget that the mainstream religions have -- and these are not alleged crimes, but historical facts -- killed more people, individually and in massive wars and genocidal efforts, than any alternative sect has ever even been accused of doing.


:I doubt any individual Christian or Muslim on this board particularly feels like justifying their personal belief in God due to the horrible acts of other members of their religion -- and these are acts that are known to have taken place, not rumors.

a. i never asked anyone to justify their belief in god. where did you read that?

b. you're referring to history. what i'm referring to is still happening (allegedly). if the abuses are factual, then in the proper forum
i have every right to question the church's tactics. (i know this isn't the proper forum, but i have to explain my intentions now that it's already begun).

: So let's show the guy some freakin' respect already?

you're overreacting. for my part, i neither attacked jason lee, nor did i demand he justify his beliefs. i was very clear about not judging others based on their faith. why are you ignoring this fact?

:Is it too much to ask? You got a problem with Scientology, take it up with Scientology, not Mr. Lee.

again, for clarification, my question wasn't really addressed to jason.
& you know, it's funny. you're telling me to "take it up w/hubbard," yet whenever someone directs a question to kevin, half of you answer on his behalf, & the other half ridicule & berate the author for asking such "stupid" questions to begin with. it's a no-win situation around here. an off-topic post w/the word "breasts" in it will not only be given prompt attention & responded to a dozen times, it will never be mentioned that it's off-topic to begin with (type OT in the subject header & everything's cool, right?).

lastly, knowing this isn't the scientology forum, i'll suggest that we continue this via e-mail, if you wish, so as to not further disrupt the board.

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