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Posted by TKD27 at on March 24, 2001 at 23:17:31:

In Reply to: Superman 5...................Kevin? posted by Pseudo on March 24, 2001 at 22:53:11:

Kevin wrote a Superman Lives script. I don't think it was to take place in the continuity of the old Superman movies, so it would really be Superman 1.
At one time Tim Burton (Batman, Batman Returns) was signed on to direct, and Nicholas Cage was signed on to star as Supes.
For whatever reason, it all fell through, and it never happened.
Kevin's script is still out there, as is a rewrite that Tim Burton did, and I think a completely different one called Superman vs. Lobo.
Kevin's script is on the net. Try www.script-o-rama if you want to read it. It's good.
There's been a myriad of rumors since Tim Burton and Nic Cage fell through about other directors and other actors coming on board, but nothing has really ever come of it.
So as it stands, nothing is happening with Kevin's script. We all hope someday it will get made, but none of us are holding our breath.


: First want to say hellos to all, for I am green to this board. Anyway, if Kev is reading this, I just want to say, dude, you do Jersey proud. I'm from around Monmouth, a fanboy high-schooler, and I've been to Red Bank quite a few times. Nice to see NJ being recognized and represented by and for something other than Springsteen, Bon Jovi, the Devils, dirty oceans, New York migrants, and organized crime. Anyhow, I own Daredevil #1-8 of your run, and it's spectacular, solid job. I own the trilogy, plus I've watched Dogma on Starz quite a few times, just haven't gotten around to taping it yet, heh. Anticipating the fifth installment, and denouement. Besides the rest of you at this board, I'm probably alone when I say that I truly appreciated Mallrats. Jason Lee is a very cool actor, as are everyone else that you choose for the movies(which is more or less the same group, which is something I find cool). I bought Green Arrow 1, and it was my first issue of Green Arrow ever. Yep, I bought it cuz you wrote it. I enjoyed it, and am familiar with the characters...but I just wish the continuity geeks and sticklers would cease their bitching on the subject of your depiction of Connor. I thought it was good to actually give him a personality for once. But I digress...and I'll cut to the chase. Superman 5. Which might end up being Superman Lives if it ever were to come out, I don't know. Last I heard about it, you(Kevin) had turned in the script, and some shit happened, and they canned it, but then later returned to it or something. Care to update and/or clarify the current state of the project? I also heard Nic Cage and Russell Crowe are the forerunners to don the cape...which I can't really see, but I also didn't see Michael Keaton as Batman, and I, along with a myriad of others, wasn't disappointed there. Sorry to drag on so long, and yes, this is the end. Take care and snoochie boochies, heh.

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