Superman 5...................Kevin?

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Posted by Pseudo at on March 24, 2001 at 22:53:11:

First want to say hellos to all, for I am green to this board. Anyway, if Kev is reading this, I just want to say, dude, you do Jersey proud. I'm from around Monmouth, a fanboy high-schooler, and I've been to Red Bank quite a few times. Nice to see NJ being recognized and represented by and for something other than Springsteen, Bon Jovi, the Devils, dirty oceans, New York migrants, and organized crime. Anyhow, I own Daredevil #1-8 of your run, and it's spectacular, solid job. I own the trilogy, plus I've watched Dogma on Starz quite a few times, just haven't gotten around to taping it yet, heh. Anticipating the fifth installment, and denouement. Besides the rest of you at this board, I'm probably alone when I say that I truly appreciated Mallrats. Jason Lee is a very cool actor, as are everyone else that you choose for the movies(which is more or less the same group, which is something I find cool). I bought Green Arrow 1, and it was my first issue of Green Arrow ever. Yep, I bought it cuz you wrote it. I enjoyed it, and am familiar with the characters...but I just wish the continuity geeks and sticklers would cease their bitching on the subject of your depiction of Connor. I thought it was good to actually give him a personality for once. But I digress...and I'll cut to the chase. Superman 5. Which might end up being Superman Lives if it ever were to come out, I don't know. Last I heard about it, you(Kevin) had turned in the script, and some shit happened, and they canned it, but then later returned to it or something. Care to update and/or clarify the current state of the project? I also heard Nic Cage and Russell Crowe are the forerunners to don the cape...which I can't really see, but I also didn't see Michael Keaton as Batman, and I, along with a myriad of others, wasn't disappointed there. Sorry to drag on so long, and yes, this is the end. Take care and snoochie boochies, heh.

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