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Posted by keithyweithy at on March 23, 2001 at 04:29:06:

In Reply to: Re: Chasing Amy Continuity posted by The Immortal Grimace on March 23, 2001 at 03:33:04:

: : I watched Chasing Amy tonight... And after seeing the list of little bloppers of continuity on the site here I had to post the ones I noticed... I'm sure I'm not clever enough to be the first but I was sort of proud of myself for spotting them and not seeing them posted here.

: : First, the green flannel shirt. Holden seems to wear it through about 1/4 of the movie... over a brown collar-less pull over... It first appears (At least when I noticed it) in the train station when he's dumping banky. Then it re-appears in the cake scene... And then when he's in the fight with Allysa at the ice rink.

: I don't own that many clothes. I end up wearing the same shirts all the time. Am I a blooper? I even have a denim shirt that I use as a jacket when it's not cold enough for a real coat.

I apologize... I said it was in the fight scene... My mistake it was in the video game scene when Banky accused Allysa of being there for the "upteenth time"... And while I'll go along with you about the quanity of some peoples closets I found it humorus that Holden hadn't chaged his clothes for a few weeks if we were to go by the images and implications that Allysa had been there "upteenth times"... After that scene Holden kept up on his wardrobe

: : Second, I must ask how does the girl Allysa is eating out at the Senior formal release the parking brake when she's in the back seat of the station wagon?

: On some cars, the front seat isn't connected in the middle. It's conceivable that she just reached between the seats, grabbed the emergency brake release, and rolled.

True but I can't say I ever remember seeing bucket seats in a station wagon... And even if there were bucket seats there she would have one hell of a reach of of gotten that far forward and released it... Think about it... lol... Laying in the back seat with your legs hanging out of a car and "accidentally" reaching through the bucket seats (that is to say if it has them) to the lower left hand side of the floor board of the driver side of the car and pulling on a break release... Man... I wish I ever got so lost in an orgasm that I could do that by accident... lol

: : Third, When Silent Bob is telling the "Chasing Amy" story at the dinner. Jay claims to never of heard anything about "Amy". After Silent Bob impart's his wisdom to Holden and they are walking out of the dinner, Jay say's as they walk towards the door "Why do you always have to tell that gay story?"... Implying that he has heard it before.

: That one has been dealt with before. Chalk it up to Jay being a Pot Head. This one kid I knew who 'rocked the ganj' used to go outside barefoot to throw out the garbage. With 6in. of snow on the ground. Then wonder why his feet where wet and cold.

I'll give you this one....

: : No big deal... I'm sure there points that others have mentioned but observations that I just noticed this time around.

: Hey. Don't even worry about it. For more, check It's's sister site. You'll find more there. Check out their 'Matrix' list. Those people are anal. And not in the good humpin' from behind way, either.

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