Re: What's up with Wal-Mart???

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Posted by TKD27 at on February 19, 2001 at 13:04:27:

In Reply to: What's up with Wal-Mart??? posted by Bruce The Shark on February 19, 2001 at 11:33:40:

It's all about publicity. When the Dogma controversy came abut Wal-mart probably put out a press release saying they won't carry any Kevin Smith products because his films are offensive. The owner of Wal-mart may be the biggest VA fan there is for all we know, but it's about money. The support (read: money) they'll get from people who bought into the anti-Dogma propaganda will be larger than the support (again, money) they'll get by selling Kevin Smith merchandise.
If JASBSB does really well, they may change their tune. Until then, just by from the Stash.


: The last time I remeber checking, they didn't carry 'Dogma'.
: I could be wrong, but it wasn't there the first week...

: Now, I KNOW they don't carry Clerks or Amy or 'rats...

: Today, I got the ultimate piss-off. I asked about Clerks:Uncensored, and was told they didn't have it on the 'list' due to obscenity. The lady went on awhole rant about WHY they didn't stock any Smith films, while I just glazed my eyes over some of thier offerings...

: Cheech and Chong flicks, anything with murder and/or violence, all the hit R rated films, Stigamata....

: I don't get it.

: I saw about 30 films MORE offensive than 'Rats or Amy. Clerks I can almost understand..sort of.

: But...they BETTER damn well carry the Animated DVD. The cursing, from what I hear is mild, and in the segues...NOT the shows...
: It was Disney related project...
: It aired on AB frickin C....

: Who is the loon in charge of ordering???

: Any Wal-mart employees know anyhting about this? Anyone seen any of Kev's films there(I THINK I saw Amy there once...I really kind of remember the VHS..yes...)?

: I'm baffled.

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