What's up with Wal-Mart???

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Posted by Bruce The Shark at spider-th052.proxy.aol.com on February 19, 2001 at 11:33:40:

The last time I remeber checking, they didn't carry 'Dogma'.
I could be wrong, but it wasn't there the first week...

Now, I KNOW they don't carry Clerks or Amy or 'rats...

Today, I got the ultimate piss-off. I asked about Clerks:Uncensored, and was told they didn't have it on the 'list' due to obscenity. The lady went on awhole rant about WHY they didn't stock any Smith films, while I just glazed my eyes over some of thier offerings...

Cheech and Chong flicks, anything with murder and/or violence, all the hit R rated films, Stigamata....

I don't get it.

I saw about 30 films MORE offensive than 'Rats or Amy. Clerks I can almost understand..sort of.

But...they BETTER damn well carry the Animated DVD. The cursing, from what I hear is mild, and in the segues...NOT the shows...
It was Disney related project...
It aired on AB frickin C....

Who is the loon in charge of ordering???

Any Wal-mart employees know anyhting about this? Anyone seen any of Kev's films there(I THINK I saw Amy there once...I really kind of remember the VHS..yes...)?

I'm baffled.

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