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Posted by Beavis at on February 19, 2001 at 03:49:04:

In Reply to: Ok.. here's my problem with it... posted by RugMuncher on February 18, 2001 at 18:05:17:

If there is a disc floating around on here with Kevin's blessing, then why don't more of us know about it? I had over 20 e-mails to me since I made this post asking me all sorts of questions about the discs. So if all these other people are interested in it but don't have the tiome or ability to make one themselves, like me, then why knock a guy for giving the fans what they want? I'm sure if Kevin was to see the work this guy put into these discs, he WOULD give this guy his blessing as well. The guy made this for ME, and I'M the one who suggested that he put it on his sight because it's so damn good. So before you go wishing him such misfortune, think about those of us who have been searching for something like this for 5 years. He is doing us all a favor, along with legions of fans of other movies, by the time and effort he puts into each soundtrack he makes, so get off of your god-damn soap-box and leave the guy alone unless you plan on buying one of the soundtracks from him. If the movie companies and the record labels won't release them, then why should'nt someone else when prompted by the fans? You are such a self-rightious bastard. I hope YOU fry, piss-ant-industry-puupet.

: .. fine.. the "Amy" disc that is floating aroudn here isn't really official. It DID however have Kevin's best wishes attached to it so Brad and Chris made some.

: Now THIS guy... A- Doesn't have Kevin's blessing, B- is using snippets from Amy and Dogma without having secured the rights to them (Brad and Chris were told they could include sinppets), C- All the music from Dogma is avaliable on a real CD, hence more piracy.

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