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Posted by FranklyFun at on February 19, 2001 at 23:21:39:

In Reply to: I'll do you a favor too, dude. posted by Alferd Packer on February 19, 2001 at 22:36:48:

: I'll go into a movie theatre with a camcorder and record Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back so you don't have to go see it in a movie theatre. Okay?

: I usually don't get involved in little board quarrels, but this just called my attention. I agree with Rug, this is like intensely illegal.
: Brad and Chris had permission to make a limited number of those bad bitches. This guy is just making as many as he wants and is charging FIFTY BUCKS? Shit. I could burn the songs and make packaging for less than 15. This guy is totally ripping off the "fans" he says he does this for. It's a fucking scam.

: Don't get mad at Rug. He knows what's going on.

Funny, From what I read the guy only took the $50 from the guy that wanted the CD soundtrack made (Bevis?). From what I heard he's only charging $20 for it. I don't get into things like this but...
Maybe it's wrong but I kind of agree with this Bevis guy because I too am new to the message board (as a lurker) & never heard about this soundtrack mentioned before. Maybe if it was advertised more clearly on this site there wouldn't be a problem. All I see is Kevin's list of songs for us to make our own soundtracks. Some people may not have the time to search the stores & buy every CD out there just so they can have the Amy soundtrack. Some people don't have this Napster thing so they wouldn't mind buying the thing from someone that already made one up. This guy does have a pretty good reputation with unavailable soundtracks. I read good things about him on various Music & soundtrack boards. It may be bad (or wrong) but I'm in favor of this guy. Unless someone can show me where exactly on this site I can get the one that Kev said was alright to buy, I wouldn't mind shelling out $20 for a 2 CD set. True that the dialogue snippets are protected by Kevin's film people, but this guy's known for mixing that stuff in. From what this Bevis guy said, it's pretty damn good. I wouldn't mind hearing it. I don't know if I'll actually get the thing - In fact, the guy doesn't have the thing on his site anymore (wonder why?). Maybe he seen this board & got scared off. Either way, he made one of Kev's fans happy.
On a note about his other soundtracks (that this rug guy mentioned) I personally don't think much of them. As he states, these are 'unavailable or hard to get'. This Rug guy says he's doing something wrong. Look, if someone sells a soundtrack of Dr Phibes on ebay someone might pay over $50 for it. Hmmm? Do you think that the seller pay's royalties to the creators of the LP? If it's out of print it's free reign (IMO). What difference does it make weather someone sells it for $50 on ebay or this guy (trying to help the fans out) by selling it for only $20 with extra things on it. The composers have already made their dollars back when the LP came out. Instead of coming down on this guy, why not come down on the guys on ebay (at least this Roger guy isn't selling there). From what I read he's trying to get the obscure out there for the littlest cost. And the fans get something extra for it too (Dialogue, etc.). I don't know, I've really went on here, but in a nutshell, maybe he should have asked Kevin's permission to sell this soundtrack. But then again, it is out there (as that Rug says) on that Napster thing. So either way, isn't it free reign to all who find it. Maybe he's not right for actually selling it, but like I said, tonight I went to his site & it's not there. So maybe he wised up. Either way, this whole thread is just ridiculous. Nuff said. Sorry I went for so long. Not meant to. Done now.

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