Idea for a Video Game once you're done w/J&SBSB =)

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Posted by Quick~Stop at on February 22, 2001 at 00:54:06:

I read the article in ain't it cool news, and Kevin said(about a ViewAskew video game):

[KS]: Weve got the internet covered, but itd be nice to do a video game. Im shocked that we still havent done one to date. Periodically, people call and say, Wed like to do a video game and it just never materializes because its something that Id like to be involved in and I just havent given that much thought to it. But, yeah, itd be great to do a Jay and Bob video game. It seems like a natural. You gotta leave some stuff to accomplish in the future. Because right now its just like, Well, I guess Ive done everything, its time to go.

Just an idea, but I reckon Jay and Silent Bob could be in a "Sam and Max Hit the road" type of adventure game, a classic adventure/comedy game in the vein of "Day of the Tentacle", the "Monkey Island" series and the game, "The Dig"(based on Speilberg's "Amazing Stories" story).

Having a story spanning NJ, other US states or, hell! Even the whole world could be involved.(J and SB in Australia would be hell funny!-Need a qualified voice actor? =D )

Sam and Max hit the road was also made at the same time as Clerks (1994), and had almost exactly the same quirky humor, maybe more cartoony (make the game look Clerks:Cartoon style?)and ever since, people have wanted a sequel.

I'm sure anyone who's played S&M-HTR will think a Jay and Silent Bob game should be like this.

Any thoughts on this people?

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