Jay and Silent Bob as a Sam and Max style game!!!!

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Posted by Quick~Stop at on February 22, 2001 at 05:32:08:

In Reply to: The Video Game. posted by Chuz Boy on February 22, 2001 at 01:15:33:

I reckon the "Sam and Max Hit The Road" style adventure would fit, since if the game was done as a "Level 1, Level 2," etc type game, it'd just sit in the decade old mould of games from the NES/Sega Master System days.

Has anyone heard of "Toonstruck"? The lil' gem of a game by Virgin Interactive made back between 1995-1998? Starred Christopher"Doc Brown" Lloyd as a cartoonist trapped in his own cartoon world-I swear on my mother's life, that game was a **CLASSIC**. If you can get it, BUY IT!(as far as I know, it's RARE but worth buying.

"Day of the Tentacle", "Sam and Max Hit The Road", the "Monkey Island" series and "The Dig" were all done by Lucasarts (George Lucas's game maker empire) when their games were GOLDEN. These days they're churning out boring stuff like the Star Wars:Episode 1 game-man that was arcade-y rubbish. (SW:E1 Racer wasn't too bad tho'...)

The "Sam and Max" style has the right feel I reckon, and could include little mini-games which could be bought at "Mooby" stores, or "Quick-Stop"s, just like the "Smucky's" diners had the games for sale in "Sam and Max Hit the road".

Little games which wouldn't be quite a rip off of the S&M ones, but almost, like:
Dress-up Jay and Silent Bob
Colour in pics
Boom-Phatty-Blunt (battleship-like, but launch bongs/pipes/papers at each other's various size dope plants. =D )

and those little games would be a side-distraction if the gameplayer gets stuck or bored.

And one of the bonuses for the game makers is that Kev's used some of the same actors in his other films! Less voice actors to pay. =D

All we need now is to figure out a reasonable plot that has to be unravelled bit-by-bit....

Kevin, if you're listening,(however unlikely =D ) this could work man...a cartoon adventure around NJ (and the world!) starring Jay and Silent Bob-Sam and Max style!

And if you are thinking "Who the hell are Sam and Max?!" I can send you a copy of the game or just pics and info. =D

Maybe think about this AFTER J&SBSB is done huh? More free time. =D

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