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Posted by Director Han at on February 21, 2001 at 20:28:13:

In Reply to: Clerks TAS promo emails from ABC... posted by Glen on February 21, 2001 at 20:24:35:

: : The DVD has actual order but "The Network" showed #4 then #2 anyone know what was after that?

: I know you want the episodes order and it does get to it, but I thought I'd put these on here for those who didn't see them...

: email #1;
: To everyone who signed up for the Clerks - the cartoon mailing list:

: We hope you weren't expecting too much from just filling in your e-mail
: address into a little box on our website. In fact we almost didn't send
: this out at all but then we thought it would be pretty stupid to miss out on
: this chance at a free plug for the Premiere of Clerks (The Premiere airs on
: Wednesday May 31st at 9:30pm EST and airs every Wednesday after that at..
: you guessed it.. 9:30pm EST)

: We're also here to plug the website for the show at:


: So here are a few scoops which you wouldn't have received had you not
: graciously signed up for this mailing list. First to calm those who may
: have heard bad news about the show - YES, It really is going to air,
: contrary to what you may have heard a few weeks back.. from one of the
: creators no less. Secondly, there will initially be SIX episodes with a
: possibility for more if you follow along with the instructions of this
: message and do the following:

: 1) Watch Every episode
: 2) Tell everyone you know to watch every episode
: 3) Buy every product that is advertised during the episodes

: #3 is kind of optional but it would really really help. Besides, I think the
: ads are for cool products anyway, so really, we both come out winners.

: Secondly, those six episodes will be airing in the following order:

: Episode 4
: Episode 2
: Episode 3
: Episode 5
: Episode 1
: Episode 6

: 1 being the first episode created and 6 being the last. They've been
: mixed up to make things more fun.

: So please, be sure to visit the website ( and
: watch the show every Wednesday night at 9:30pm EST on ABC starting on May
: 31st.

: In fact, just keep your TVs tuned to ABC and leave it on for the next 10
: weeks.

: Clerks. Only on ABC beginning on Wednesday May 31st at 9:30pm EST

: email #2;

: Dear Guys/ Gals and E-Mail Viruses that signed up for this mailing list,

: Hi There. Did you miss us? Can you say "I will watch CLERKS every
: Wednesday night at 9:30pm starting on May 31"? I knew you could.

: Now before we do anything, I just want to plug a bunch of cool stuff that
: we just added to the CLERKS website (located at
: Here's the breakdown:

: 1) DELETED SCENE ALERT! You may have heard about the very funny scene
: that was cut from Episode 2 called 'Flintstones List' Well.. we have
: it right here in all its glory. All you have to do is go to the
: website and download it. How's that for generosity? You won't get that
: from any other websites plugging primetime animation!

: 2) Clips from the opening of each show - Watch Dante get called into work
: each episode. For most of you this will be your first glimpse of the
: show - fully animated

: 3) Really funny sound files from each show - Most of them are from Jay
: so you know they're top notch

: 4) Co-Creator/Executive Producer Dave Mandel's Personal Journal - You
: might know Dave from his longtime stint writing for SNL and
: 'Seinfeld' (watch the opening credits for his name) Now we have him
: on our side.

: 5) Script to Storyboard to Animatic to Final Product comparisons - This
: is a section we're kind of excited about. It's a blow-by-blow
: comparison of a clip from Episode 2 and 4 which takes you from the
: script stage to the storyboards to the animatic to the final clip.
: Check out the actual storyboards and video files of the animatics and
: clips.

: 6) Pages from the Main Model Book - Featuring sketches and do's and don't
: from the animators instructing other animators how to draw each
: character in detail.

: 7) Rough sketches - Check out how some scenes first started out

: 8) Final artwork - this kind of writes itself doesn't it?

: That should keep you busy right?

: We also wanted to quickly address a few things that were mentioned in the
: last mailing:

: 1) What's up with the weird show order? (4,2,3,5,1,6)

: In the last message we mentioned that the show order was kind of mixed up
: - and we did this solely to give you an inside scoop. However a lot of you
: became confused. Let us clear this up a bit. It is not uncommon for shows
: to air in a different order from which they were created. Really! Just
: ask CLERKS animator Chris Bailey. In fact you wouldn't have even really
: known the episodes were switched unless we told you. And so goes our
: failed attempt to get you 'behind the music'.

: Now I know what some of you are saying.. doesn't Episode 2 make references
: to Episode 1 which now airs after it? Yes.. it does.. it's kind of funny
: though isn't it? And besides, Episode 2 stands great on its own (Again
: just ask Chris Bailey) And it kind of forces you to keep watching until
: Episode 1 pops up...

: And so in closing, us suits here at ABC/Disney/Miramax/Touchstone would
: just like to say.. watch the show! (Every Wednesday night at 9:30 starting
: May 31st, only on ABC)

: Thanks!

: email #3;
: Our recommended "To Do List" for Wednesday May 31st, 2000. Print it out
: and tape it to the things you value most (self, significant other, stash,
: bottle of grain alcohol, stack of money, etc.)

: My To Do List
: Wednesday May 31st, 2000

: 1) Wake Up
: 2) Bathe
: 3) Work up courage not be afraid of the sunlight and get outside for a
: bit
: 4) Turn on computer (if it's still not on already) Check out
: for its many updates and additions
: 5) Turn on and leave TV on ABC
: 6) Call friends and relatives who are Nielsen Families and tell them to
: turn on and leave TV on ABC
: 7) Call friends and relatives who are 18-49 and earn over $50,000 a year
: and ask then to turn on and leave TV on ABC
: 8) Watch ABC's awesome Wednesday Primetime lineup including
: "The Drew Carey Show"
: 9) Watch the show that comes on after it at 9:30 (I think it's called
: 10) Do all that again in exactly one week and then again for all
: consecutive weeks

: So we're one day away from the premiere of CLERKS and we're going to
: keep bugging you about watching the show. Why? Because it's free and
: because neither you or I have anything better to do. However,
: just so you don't just delete this message and the ones that follow it
: right when you see the subject line, we're going to try to make it
: somewhat worthwhile to read. Today, we're giving you some highly
: persuasive answers as to why you should watch the show on Wednesday May
: 31st at 9:30pm on ABC:

: Q: Why should I watch CLERKS on Wednesday May 31st at 9:30pm on ABC?

: A: Because...we're begging you...Please watch. Please, please, please,
: please, please, please...

: Oh yeah, it's really funny too. I mean come on.. Just look at the
: synopsis. Jay slips and falls in the Quick Stop and sues Dante for Ten
: Million Dollars! Randal comes to his defense!

: Q: So what I can expect from the premiere episode and the episodes
: thereafter?

: A: Lots of bad languange. Tasteless humor. Full frontal. Lots of laughs.
: Oh wait a sec...the boss just called. The first three have been axed. So
: just expect a lot of laughs.. and a few tasteless jokes thrown in...for
: laughs.

: More to come.. until then. Keep checking the website
: ( and the show. Word.

: Wow, ABC nearly have the comical genius of DJ Andeee....I think not!
: Later yo,
: Glen;)

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