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Posted by Glen at on February 21, 2001 at 20:24:35:

In Reply to: Anyone know what order ABC was to show the show? posted by Director Han on February 21, 2001 at 20:06:12:

: The DVD has actual order but "The Network" showed #4 then #2 anyone know what was after that?

I know you want the episodes order and it does get to it, but I thought I'd put these on here for those who didn't see them...

email #1;
To everyone who signed up for the Clerks - the cartoon mailing list:

We hope you weren't expecting too much from just filling in your e-mail
address into a little box on our website. In fact we almost didn't send
this out at all but then we thought it would be pretty stupid to miss out on
this chance at a free plug for the Premiere of Clerks (The Premiere airs on
Wednesday May 31st at 9:30pm EST and airs every Wednesday after that at..
you guessed it.. 9:30pm EST)

We're also here to plug the website for the show at:

So here are a few scoops which you wouldn't have received had you not
graciously signed up for this mailing list. First to calm those who may
have heard bad news about the show - YES, It really is going to air,
contrary to what you may have heard a few weeks back.. from one of the
creators no less. Secondly, there will initially be SIX episodes with a
possibility for more if you follow along with the instructions of this
message and do the following:

1) Watch Every episode
2) Tell everyone you know to watch every episode
3) Buy every product that is advertised during the episodes

#3 is kind of optional but it would really really help. Besides, I think the
ads are for cool products anyway, so really, we both come out winners.

Secondly, those six episodes will be airing in the following order:

Episode 4
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 5
Episode 1
Episode 6

1 being the first episode created and 6 being the last. They've been
mixed up to make things more fun.

So please, be sure to visit the website ( and
watch the show every Wednesday night at 9:30pm EST on ABC starting on May

In fact, just keep your TVs tuned to ABC and leave it on for the next 10

Clerks. Only on ABC beginning on Wednesday May 31st at 9:30pm EST

email #2;

Dear Guys/ Gals and E-Mail Viruses that signed up for this mailing list,

Hi There. Did you miss us? Can you say "I will watch CLERKS every
Wednesday night at 9:30pm starting on May 31"? I knew you could.

Now before we do anything, I just want to plug a bunch of cool stuff that
we just added to the CLERKS website (located at
Here's the breakdown:

1) DELETED SCENE ALERT! You may have heard about the very funny scene
that was cut from Episode 2 called 'Flintstones List' Well.. we have
it right here in all its glory. All you have to do is go to the
website and download it. How's that for generosity? You won't get that
from any other websites plugging primetime animation!

2) Clips from the opening of each show - Watch Dante get called into work
each episode. For most of you this will be your first glimpse of the
show - fully animated

3) Really funny sound files from each show - Most of them are from Jay
so you know they're top notch

4) Co-Creator/Executive Producer Dave Mandel's Personal Journal - You
might know Dave from his longtime stint writing for SNL and
'Seinfeld' (watch the opening credits for his name) Now we have him
on our side.

5) Script to Storyboard to Animatic to Final Product comparisons - This
is a section we're kind of excited about. It's a blow-by-blow
comparison of a clip from Episode 2 and 4 which takes you from the
script stage to the storyboards to the animatic to the final clip.
Check out the actual storyboards and video files of the animatics and

6) Pages from the Main Model Book - Featuring sketches and do's and don't
from the animators instructing other animators how to draw each
character in detail.

7) Rough sketches - Check out how some scenes first started out

8) Final artwork - this kind of writes itself doesn't it?

That should keep you busy right?

We also wanted to quickly address a few things that were mentioned in the
last mailing:

1) What's up with the weird show order? (4,2,3,5,1,6)

In the last message we mentioned that the show order was kind of mixed up
- and we did this solely to give you an inside scoop. However a lot of you
became confused. Let us clear this up a bit. It is not uncommon for shows
to air in a different order from which they were created. Really! Just
ask CLERKS animator Chris Bailey. In fact you wouldn't have even really
known the episodes were switched unless we told you. And so goes our
failed attempt to get you 'behind the music'.

Now I know what some of you are saying.. doesn't Episode 2 make references
to Episode 1 which now airs after it? Yes.. it does.. it's kind of funny
though isn't it? And besides, Episode 2 stands great on its own (Again
just ask Chris Bailey) And it kind of forces you to keep watching until
Episode 1 pops up...

And so in closing, us suits here at ABC/Disney/Miramax/Touchstone would
just like to say.. watch the show! (Every Wednesday night at 9:30 starting
May 31st, only on ABC)


email #3;
Our recommended "To Do List" for Wednesday May 31st, 2000. Print it out
and tape it to the things you value most (self, significant other, stash,
bottle of grain alcohol, stack of money, etc.)

My To Do List
Wednesday May 31st, 2000

1) Wake Up
2) Bathe
3) Work up courage not be afraid of the sunlight and get outside for a
4) Turn on computer (if it's still not on already) Check out for its many updates and additions
5) Turn on and leave TV on ABC
6) Call friends and relatives who are Nielsen Families and tell them to
turn on and leave TV on ABC
7) Call friends and relatives who are 18-49 and earn over $50,000 a year
and ask then to turn on and leave TV on ABC
8) Watch ABC's awesome Wednesday Primetime lineup including
"The Drew Carey Show"
9) Watch the show that comes on after it at 9:30 (I think it's called
10) Do all that again in exactly one week and then again for all
consecutive weeks

So we're one day away from the premiere of CLERKS and we're going to
keep bugging you about watching the show. Why? Because it's free and
because neither you or I have anything better to do. However,
just so you don't just delete this message and the ones that follow it
right when you see the subject line, we're going to try to make it
somewhat worthwhile to read. Today, we're giving you some highly
persuasive answers as to why you should watch the show on Wednesday May
31st at 9:30pm on ABC:

Q: Why should I watch CLERKS on Wednesday May 31st at 9:30pm on ABC?

A: Because...we're begging you...Please watch. Please, please, please,
please, please, please...

Oh yeah, it's really funny too. I mean come on.. Just look at the
synopsis. Jay slips and falls in the Quick Stop and sues Dante for Ten
Million Dollars! Randal comes to his defense!

Q: So what I can expect from the premiere episode and the episodes

A: Lots of bad languange. Tasteless humor. Full frontal. Lots of laughs.
Oh wait a sec...the boss just called. The first three have been axed. So
just expect a lot of laughs.. and a few tasteless jokes thrown in...for

More to come.. until then. Keep checking the website
( and the show. Word.

Wow, ABC nearly have the comical genius of DJ Andeee....I think not!
Later yo,

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