You're a little deprived in the humor dept., huh?

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Posted by Neil at on January 18, 2001 at 16:19:31:

In Reply to: rich snob posted by Comicboy on January 18, 2001 at 16:09:53:

: im a huge fan of kevin and i hope none of this gets back to him (fat fucking chance but still) because itll come out as this guys side of the story and ill sound like a stupid kid trying to be cool or something i dont know. something from this asshole belittling me. and this guy i really look up to and admire (kevin) well think im some prick 8th grader. but i dont care if Lynchs got a big important title at view askew. i simply made a post on this board directed at kevin and lynch needed to respond taking shots at me. and rather than saying something like "calm down i was just fooling around, sorry if i hurt ur feelings" he still persisted in acting like a big asshole. is this the kind of board u want to run?

Do people who have matured past the 8th grade actually come back from situations where they've been mocked for silly and poorly written posts in a really defensive and snotty manners?

I don't know of anyone.

The adults I know and respect, if they said something that came across as foolish - as your original post did, regardless of whether Lynch mocked it - and get called out for it, just laugh embarrassed and say, "I guess that did sound funny" and then they move on.

: im not trying to act like this is a special club for us cool hip VA fans to chill or some shit like someone else implied. im just saying its fucking common courtesy not to bash people even if u have a huge mansion or something.

Why do you like Kevin's movies if you have no sense of humor?


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