Oh, Carol!

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Posted by Neil at on January 18, 2001 at 16:56:47:

In Reply to: oh Neil posted by Blind Murdock on January 18, 2001 at 16:37:02:

: He wasnt just corrected or mocked a little he was bashed on a message board that is supposed to welcome comments from fans and not have those comments be mocked by a dork with a hip job and a moderatly annoying sence of humor.

Does that somehow change what a mature reaction should be? I donít think so.

: You coming in here and wiping his ass doesnt help the comic kid very much.

Whose ass am I wiping again? They both have such big, hairy butts that I canít keep them straight. One way of the other, the guy whose ass I wiped appreciated it, Iím sure. I used a warm wet rag, tickled his balls a little and he thanked me handily.

: Maybe the kid was new here...maybe he felt he didnt deserve to be mocked in such a fashion.

And maybe he didnít!!! So what? It does not change what the mature reaction is. Not one iota.

: How would you like it if i suddenly made the statement,"what kind of homosexual name is Neil"

Why would I care what kind of homosexual name it is? Iím heterosexual. It seems to work for that.

: Ö would you say oh yeah my name is gay and then quietly retract any statements you were wishing to make....NO!

No, but would I post with some ďI donít know why you think itís ok to pick on meĒ crap? No. Iíd either come back with something or Iíd write you off as a dickweed and stop responding to things you said.

: You would be upset.Please feel free to prove my point by reponding with cuts against me. Think about it.

Seriously, it wasnít that he responded to Lynch with cuts. It was that he responded like a whiner and thatís what I wouldnít do.

ďI donít understand why you feel the needÖĒ

This board isnít for psychoanalyzing the posters and especially not from some 8th grade ultra-defensive stance.

ComicBoy only proves more and more with every post how poorly he communicates, which was what Lynch was dogging him for in the first place.

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