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Posted by Zeebadaboodee at on July 19, 2000 at 11:53:32:

In Reply to: Okay, enough, please read posted by Epac2k on July 19, 2000 at 10:32:47:

I just wanted to respond to what you wrote because while some people may be sick of others asking them not to post on-topic, those posting off-topic should understand it's against the rules. The rules are in place for a reason.

: Look, how many possible questions about VA can you ask on this board? I mean, all the questions people want to know are in the summaries.

This is total bullshit. If all the answers are in the summaries, why did I add almost a question a day to them while I was updating them? Logic dictates that the reason would be because new questions are always being asked.

:Now, this board is cool as heck, so people will post off topic, and who gives a shit. Even Kevin posted off topic, so whats the big friggin deal?

The big deal is that it's against the rules. Kevin can post off-topic because it's HIS board. He pays for it, therefore he can do what he wants. We can't because it's not our board, and the rules (which Kevin created) ask us not to.

:Even if someone asks a VA related question, he's got 10 anal long time posters on his ass sayin how dumb he is and to read the summaries and calling him gay. Thats retarded, whats the purpose of this board if its not to ask questions?

The only time anyone (and this is a generalization) asks people to read the summaries is if they ask a question that is answered there. Most of us believe that since you are told to read them before you ever post, those questions shouldn't really need to be asked.

The purpose of this board IS to ask questions. Questions directed at Kevin or another of the red folk. Any other questions (like, "what do you think should bethe story for the next X-Men?") should NOT be posted here. Kevin set up the "Other Board" specifically for off-topic posts.

:And anyways, what exactly IS the specific topic all you bastards keep babbling about? Just View Askew? Well, since the words X-Men have been mentioned in Mallrats, which IS a VA project, then all the X-Men debates ARE on topic, so shut the hell up and let people have their fun.

Come on. If my students tried to argue this in a paper for my class I'd fail them. By this logic absolutely anything is viable for posting on the board, and that's just taking adantage of what we've been allowed to have.

:This isnt directed to I'd Rather Be In Red Bank, just everyone who is so anal about being "on topic". Thank you, I've said my peice.

I think what you have to remember is that a lot of people have been posting here for a long time, and some of us have a sense of history. This board has been shut down in the past because there have been so many off-topic posts (Borg!). Those shit downs have been temporary each time, but I know I worry that someday Kevin will get so frustrated that he'll pull the plug completely.

I know, Kevin has said that he'd never do that, but he's not above getting frustrated with this board. He pays for it, he deals with it, and there are times when I wouldn't blame him for killing it.

The point is, every so often someone comes onto the board and begins spouting off how they should be able to post whatever they want. But it's simply not true. Kevin pays for this board and you don't. Therefore, you should follow the rules that he made up.

For the record, here are a couple that pertain to this:

>>>>This board has been provided for you to post questons to Writer/Director Kevin Smith.

>>>>You must REGISTER to post on this board. This is done mainly to prevent spam and off-topic posts. If you wish to register, please do so here.

>>>>We have a website called the View Askew WWWBoard Summaries which was set up to prevent repeat posts. Please read these before posting or risk annoying thousands of posters.

>>>>We have an "off-topic" board set up if you would like to chat with other View Askew Fans about off-topic/on-topic subjects that are not specifically addressed to Kevin. If you would like to participate, please visit that board here.

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