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Posted by Epac2k at dt070nec.tampabay.rr.com on July 19, 2000 at 10:32:47:

In Reply to: This board would be great if... posted by I'd rather be in Red Bank on July 19, 2000 at 02:57:12:

Look, how many possible questions about VA can you ask on this board? I mean, all the questions people want to know are in the summaries. Now, this board is cool as heck, so people will post off topic, and who gives a shit. Even Kevin posted off topic, so whats the big friggin deal? Even if someone asks a VA related question, he's got 10 anal long time posters on his ass sayin how dumb he is and to read the summaries and calling him gay. Thats retarded, whats the purpose of this board if its not to ask questions? And anyways, what exactly IS the specific topic all you bastards keep babbling about? Just View Askew? Well, since the words X-Men have been mentioned in Mallrats, which IS a VA project, then all the X-Men debates ARE on topic, so shut the hell up and let people have their fun. This isnt directed to I'd Rather Be In Red Bank, just everyone who is so anal about being "on topic". Thank you, I've said my peice.


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