Mike Nelsons rant about Jason Lee

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Posted by Stevie B at anonymous.blacklogic.com on July 19, 2000 at 10:42:00:

Lower on the board someone commented about Mike Nelson (MST3K) hateing Jason Lee. I don't know if he really hates Lee as an actor, or just his performance in "Kissing a Fool" (I haven't seen the film, he might very well suck for all I know).
Here is the section of the book "Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese". It is a chapter dedicated to the "Friends" stars.

Though Kisssing a Fool, starring Schwimmer as a roguish and popular TV sportscaster, is not much better than, say, a Dodge truck commercial, or an Applebee's ad, it isn't his fault. No the fault lies almost entirely with Jaso Lee, staring as Schiwimmers friend. Lee, who was also in Mallrats and Chasing Amy, allows Schwimmer to blow him not only off the screen but out through the lobby and into the karate school next door. I mean this in the nicest way, intending not to offend but rather for the purpose of education, and any unkindness that the reader infers is not caculated on my part, but Jason Lee sucks more than you could possibly imagine. He sucks out loud. He sucks on toast. He forces me to use the word "sucks", a term I normally find mildly abhorrent, simply because he sucks. Hiss suckiness is thorough, diligent, and complete. He is to be congratulated for the sheer depth of his suckation. Again, this is meant as criticism, not to impugn his character. I can't even begin to imagine him sucking this badly in other areas of is life.
Man, he sucked.
Schwimmer wasn't bad, though. And neither was Bonnie Hunt, or Mili Avital as Schwimmer's, and then Lee's fiancee. A nice, appealing little project until they dropped a rotting squirrel carcass named Jason Lee right into the punch bowl!

Over all the book is pretty funny, very cynical, I think most of the folks here would like it.


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