Re: I saw 'Kissing A Fool'......

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Posted by Joseph of Aramathea at on July 19, 2000 at 12:02:07:

In Reply to: I saw 'Kissing A Fool'...... posted by Epac2k on July 19, 2000 at 11:10:16:

I loved Kissing a Fool, i think Jason Lee was superb in that movie. By the way, Lee doesn't "bang" her, he falls in love with her, there was no "banging" prior to the Schwim-man finding out that Lee loves her.

: ....and I didnt think Lee was that bad. I thought Schwimmer was real flaky in that movie, not Jason Lee. In the flick, Lee is a writer and his best friend(Schwimmer) is dating Lee's editor. The week before Schwimmy is set to marry the editor, he asks Lee to try and seduce her to see if she is faithful or not. Earlier in the movie, Lee had been moping over the loss of his supermodel girlfriend, who moved to paris(I think its the chick from Weird Science), and he is just getting over her and now his friend asks him to seduce his fianceee/editor. Well, the good ol' Lee charm works, he bangs her, Schwimmy gets pissed, reads some Russian book, Lee marries the hotty editor and the rest is history. Thats just a summary, the movie is ok, not real funny but it has its moments. Its really one of those "Rainy Saturday Afternoon, lets see whats on satellite flicks".

: --just clearin dat up

: Nick

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