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Posted by Golgothan at pool-209-138-223-5-atln.grid.net on July 18, 2000 at 02:47:14:

In Reply to: Lighten up on playing cop(To All) posted by Bruce The Shark on July 18, 2000 at 01:33:44:

Don't you go writing a scolding letter to the people that responded to jonsname's question (which happened to be me and one other person), and address it to me. If you don't approve of the Crying Diaperman's post, reply to him, not to me, all I did was tell the guy where to find Kevin's thoughts on X-Men, sans sarcasm.

: Man, this was just an interested person wanting to know something.
: In the time it took to think up and write a sarcastic response, you could just TEACH the person by : SCROLL DOWN *NT*

Did I say "Hey, stupid, why don't you look for it yourself?" No, I simply told him where to find it.

: Then they scroll, 'learn' how, and never piss you off again.

Well...I wasn't pissed off.

: I've been on this board since damn near the begining, and left when the flames start to become more frequent.

That means your house is on fire, and that has nothing to do with the web site. Remember, when a fire starts to burn, there's a lesson you must learn....something, something....then you'll see, you'll avoid catastrophe!

: What we have here is NEW people, probably seeing this site for the first time after Clerks:TC, and Dogma....or hearing about Fletch.
: Whatever. Affleck.Com,etc.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. And I don't like it anymore than you men.

: The point being, at first, it may have been a hip 'major fan ' only site.
: Now it is an introductiion to Kevin's world, and you can flame people with 'Read the Summaries'(And its "fun" variations), or be a pal and just answer the q. if the poster does it a few more times, THEN maybe a nod to the summaries is cool. Or ,answer it with a link to the summaries. You'd be suprised how quickly you wouldn't have to deal with these people ever again.

Ah, but you see, by telling someone to read the summaries when they first post a question that has been answered a thousand times, we spare them the embarrasement of asking even more questions that have already been answered. One trip to the summaries is all it takes to become as big a fountain of knowledge as the regulars of this board.

: I used to post to ask questions, a LONG time poster pointed me to the way of the Summary really nicely...so I don't really post much, or clutter the board. Most of the info is..In the Summaries!

Well put.

: I don't need to know Kevin's opinion on a movie I rented, I figure he has better things to do. That, and my world is fille dout by reading NewsAskew and all of this boards posts, most of which answer every question.

Well, maybe you don't, but some people do need to know Kevin's opinion on everything. I don't, but apparently, jonsname does. I just pointed him in the right direction, since I knew where to find the info he requested. And now I got you bitch-slappin' me about it.

: Inevitably, there are some insecure few who will read this and then piss all over it(And me) just to prick wave.
: Have fun.

Oh, don't think I won't.

: In the meantime, thanks to the posters who have, since day one, been nice, answered my stupid ass questions, and keep the board alive.

I don't think I ever answered any of your stupid ass questions, so thanking me is unnecessary. I'll accept the thanks anyway, though, because I'm a greedy bastard. Bwah ha ha!

: For those that think its funny, or are just repressed, rage on.
: Butyou ARE right.it IS all in the summaries, or watching the board for a few days.

The meaning of life is in the summaries too. Really. Just keep clicking around, you'll eventually find it.

: BTW-What breed of bird was that in the upper left of the screen in the park scene of Chasing Amy?
: (I know THAT shit isn't in the summaries).

Uh....a......bald eagle. Yeah.

: Peace.




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