No offense taken, happy endings alway make me cry

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Posted by Crying Diaperman at on July 18, 2000 at 13:07:51:

In Reply to: Re: And I wasnt gonna say anything... :)Cool.. posted by Bruce The Shark on July 18, 2000 at 08:59:36:

NT wouldnt fit but since ya clicked
I feel I owe ya something....ummmm I love you man! :)

Complete Dramaqueen

: CD-That's cool, I wasn't trying to attack anyone..that would be was one of those things that you get in your head to say, you spew it, and you're done.
: Hell, I may very well be the wrong one, seems that way, because I seem to have managed to insult what seems to be two cool people while trying to post a positive message in support of Newbies. Guess I'm the damn jizzmopper in this scenario.
: As for @ looking gay...what about ** or $$ or #-
: It's a big keyboard out there! :)

: I guess if you were truly an asshole, you would have responded thusly:
: kevin hated the X-men. Said it was weak, and you shouldn't see it.
: Thank you for not scrolling.
: (Guess I have a bad attitude gene ,also..)

: Peace, and sorry if you got offended, Bro.

: : : : Don't you go writing a scolding letter to the people that responded to jonsname's question (which happened to be me and one other person), and address it to me. If you don't approve of the Crying Diaperman's post, reply to him, not to me, all I did was tell the guy where to find Kevin's thoughts on X-Men, sans sarcasm.

: : He didnt approve of my post, man thats a shame..I feel bad I want everyones approval of my posts..:(

: : : >>>I'm sorry I fitted it below you...if you got what I meant, you HAD to have known people like you are very appreciated. I also don't feel the need to call out CD, because he was probably 'talked' to the same way when he came here..this was a general note. No need to get all itchy. :)

: :
: : Call me out of where exactly? Ok yeah you caught me, I was taking a shit. Sorrrry but a guy has to move his bowels every once an awile.

: : As for the rest of this "discussion" I have not replied to line by line cuz it would get confusing I couldnt use :: or >> they were both taken and @@ looks so gay.. Anyway.....

: : I am guilty of giving people shit, I admit that. BUT, I also give people the info they want, I just bust some balls along the way, no big deal.. Im only mean to the people who repeatedly do stupid shit.. IE Silent Brandon, whom I sent a nice note too and he has said he would stop.. SOOOO you may see my posts as me being an asshole or being rude to the "newbies" but I do take time to inform them of the summaries or answer there questions in the process.. Im a nice guy in the shell of an egostistical self flagelating human being.. :) Also I am a very sarcastic man by nature.. Its in my genes.. maybe those Human Genome mapping people can find it and take it out of me.. scary..

: : C.D.
: : Captain Durden

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