How do you get someone banned, anyway?

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Posted by Rena at on April 28, 2000 at 20:25:01:

I somehow managed to miss this earlier, but little worm made a comment that is really and truly, without a doubt the most offensive thing I have ever seen on this board, and somehow it slipped by. I believe it was;

"Its fucking annoying. Same reason I take up arms against Kelley. Teeny boppers are lower than child rapists, in my book."

Worm, was that meant to be funny? Joking about child abuse is funny to you? Do you genuinely believe that Kelley's exhuberance can somehow be equated to the most offensive act a person can do? Or do you simply have no class (oh, we already knew that), no manners, no judgement, no respect and no fucking clue what an asshole you are?

Rape is just a minor annoyance to you? Spoken like someone who has never had to face said annoyance. Kelley and I both wish we were that lucky. Here's hoping you end up in jail someday being annoyed by an ugly man with body order and a bunch of veneral diseases.


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