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Posted by JewElmo at on April 26, 2000 at 02:30:31:

I think the ever recurring theory of the alternate universe of the View Askew films can be finally be put to rest. You all know the one I'm talking about: Mallrats and/or Clerks are comics drawn by Holden and Banky, therefore insuring that the reality of the Askewniverse lies only in Chasing Amy. The other films of the Jersey Trilogy are merely 'fictional' stories stemming from the mind of one Holden 'fucking' Mcneil, so to speak. There has always been evidence pointing to the former. But we all know at heart that this wild theory is simply not true, am I wrong Smalls? However, this theory still comes up occasionally with supporters keeping it alive. Most recently the theory plagued the last board I think. But someone in that thread presented a piece of evidence(I can't remember who, sorry) that can finally put this to rest. I simply wanted to bring this to everyone's attention who may have overlooked the chain.

I give you CHASING DOGMA. In Jay and Silent Bob #1, while killing time before their rendez-vous with Holden to collect their paycheck for likeness rights, the infamous duo stop at Channel Surfers at the Eden Prairie mall, where they run into Roddy who yells at him for the events of Mallrats. In addition they stop at the Quik Stop and get insulted by Randall. All this happens in the same day. Hence the events occur.

I hope this finally clarifies things.

Give me some sugar, baby!

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