Without Vin, View Askew would be but a dream. Vinnie and I worked together at the Quick Stop. When I started, he was a mop boy. When I left, he was a mop boy. But regardless of whether or not he swabbed the decks, there always burned the heart of a film maker inside Vince. Vincent was the first to read anything I had on 'Clerks' - indeed, before it even was 'Clerks' (it was once called 'In Convenience'). He laughed and said "You should finish this." Well, I did. And all throughout, Vincent was the guy who always wanted to be in film - and me? I just wanted to write scripts. But Vinnie made directing seem accessible - like even I could do it. And over the course of two or three years, he dragged me - kicking and screaming - into the world of film, teaching me everything from aspect ratios to how to figure out whether something was shot anamorphically or just matted to give the wide screen effect. And when we got lucky with 'Clerks', I returned the favor and gave him $40,000 to shoot his first feature, 'A Better Place'. It should be making the rounds at festivals '96 through '97. Vincent's a huge Dario Argento freak who loathes smokers (yes, that includes your's truly).

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Below: the coiled spring that is Vincent.

Vincent Pereira, Scott Mosier, and Kevin Smith
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The Clerks Gang
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