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Zeta hasn't sent me a photo yet.:(Name: Zeta Shearill
Age: 34
Location: Hawaii
Occupation: Writer/teacher
Bio: I've been living in Hawaii for about a year now.  I think I'll stay a couple more years before moving.  I am working on a graphic novel and have finally found an artist and graphic artist to get it done.  Once I'm finished I can start on the second book I've started which is a YA novel.  I have gone to 2 Vulgarthons, Stash Bash, and a couple of Q and As.  I think Kevin is peachy keen.  I am also a HUGE Aaron McGruder fan and would LOVE to meet him someday.  He is inspiration.


VA Flick: Chasing Amy and Dogma
TV Show: Anything on VH1
Films: Moulin Rouge, Shreks (Both), Strange Days
Music: R&B
Hobbies: Writing, reading, singing, quilting, traveling, movies, shoes, shopping for unusual Hello Kitty things.