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Name: Ksenya
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Age: 24
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Playing piano, dancing
Bio: Do I look like a very correct girl that reads old books, watches old movies (it's now called vintage), dances alone in the night and has never had a boyfriend? Maybe you've got the wrong impression. I am quite chaotic - deep in my mind. Oh, I have been studying dramatic art for a year, what seems to confuse you even more. And you don't know the terrible thing about me yet... I am a lawyer (how could I say this awful thing in a whisper here, in the Internet?) To put it more precisely, I graduate from the best Russian university this year, and God only knows, how am I going to work as a lawyer till the end of my life. Have you ever read any law? Don't ever try. Better watch films


VA Flick: Dogma. But, to say you the bitter truth, I have not seen all VA Flicks. Sorry, but it's really hard to get them here.
Films: Gone with the Wind - that is what first comes to my mind. Some Woodie Allen's movies. And it was one fantastic Russian film - Ballad about a Soldier.
Music: Robbie Williams. Queen, with no doubt. Sometimes Elton John, Aerosmith.
Books: Dostoyevsky. Though it is all the rage now to be fond of Coelho - nothing special
Quote: "Don't ever ask anything of people - they will come and give it themselves" ("The Godfather", but I am not sure of the accuracy of the translation), "Everything should be beautiful in a human - the face, the clothes, the soul, the mind" (A. Chekhov)
Actors: Meryl Strip, Marlon Brando, Matt Damon, Adrien Brody, a lot of French actors