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RIP Shaun Welch, 1979 - 2006

Shaun Welch (Tango) - looking very handsome. Shaun visiting the Secret Stash.

You were an incredibly friendly guy and you put a smile
on my face many times. I'll miss ya, bud. <3 virgo

Location: Ohio
Age: 25
Occupation: Webmaster & Pimp
Hobbies: working on my website, movies, Denver Broncos & OSU Buckeyes Football, Nascar.
Bio: I'm the gun toting conservative republican type. I currently live in Ohio but id feel alot more at home in the south with the other rednecks like me. Im into anything packed with adrenaline like skydiving, rock climbing, and roller coasters. I'm currently single and looking for the right girl.. or at least the wrong one for right now.. Im a licensed truck driver, and sort of a computer geek, being as I spend too much time on here.. well thats about it... thats Tango..


VA Flick: Chasing Amy
TV Show: House, MD & Las Vegas
Films: A Few Good Men, National Treasure
Music: Hank Williams Jr, George Strait, Alabama
Books: Pretty much anything on Conservative Political Views
Quote: A man can be an artist... in anything, food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Creasey's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece.
Actors: Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Nick Cage, Jack Nicholson